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why is my heart rate so high when i exercise

the fat-loss zone. the whole thing confuses me!! The so called zones are a complete distraction. At the end of the day it's a question of what (healthy) calorie deficit you run. The way cardio works is intenstity x duration = total calorie burn. high intensity will give you a greater calorie burn for any given duration over a lower intensity. but can you sustain it for similar durations when they might be significant.

A sprint doesnt last as long as a marathon. I personally like variety. I do most of my cardio at a medium intensity for a medium duration (30-40min for me) which gives me moderate calorie burn. I have typically 1 day a week where I do high intensity intervals, so the time of the high intensity is much reduced, because the duration is shorter, it is fairly comparable in total calorie burn to a 'moderate day'.

I also do a longer lower intensity day, typically the intensity isnt all that much lower than moderate so it tends to be my biggest overall calorie burn. (though it is a greater time commitment to run for an hour or more)
Hope that helped to give you some things to consider.

Writing on Competitor. com, former All-American cross-country runner Jeff Gaudette advises people to become familiar with their resting pulse rate by checking it every morning before getting out of bed for at least three weeks. He suggests athletes pay particular attention to their resting pulse rate in the days after a hard workout; if it remains elevated above your normal resting rate by seven or more beats per minute, it could mean that you havenБt fully recovered from the effort and need more rest.

If your resting pulse rate steadily increases over a two- or three-week period, you need to increase your rest between workouts.

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