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why do the pope changed their name

No Pope is obligated to change his name. This is a pious tradition (not Sacred Tradition). The practice arose when a pagan convert to Christianity became Pope and changed his name from Mercury (after the pagan Roman god) to John II in 533 C. E. Until then, the Popes kept their original names, from Peter (#1) to Boniface II (#55). Between John II (#56) and Sergius IV (#142) in 1009 C. E. only a few Popes changed their names. But since Sergius IV, it has been common practice for all Popes to change their name when elected pontiff except Adrian VI and Marcellus II. Pope Benedict XVI chose the name Benedict for several reasons. At his papal audience on April 27, 2005, he explained his motivations for adopting the name. I want to call myself Benedict XVI to bind myself to the venerated Pope Benedict XV, who guided the church in a troubled period because of the First World War. He was a courageous and authentic prophet of peace and worked with valiant courage first to prevent the drama of to follow what Christ did when He changed Simon's name to Peter. When God had a special mission to give to persons he chose, he changed their name to make this known to the world. God changed Abrams high father name to Abraham father of multitude (Gen 17:5). God changed Jacobs supplanter name to Israel having power with God (Gen 32:28).

And God changed Simon to Kephas(Peter) -- Rock because Peter is the visible foundation for his Church. Where Peter is, there is the Church - St. Ambrose of Milan (379 A. D. ) Note that St. Ambrose lived BEFORE there was a Canonical definition of what books were in the Bible. More evidence of what is written in 1 Tim 3 regarding the pillar and foundation of the truth. Hope this helps.
Update at 5 p. m. , March 13: The в one that hasn't been used before. Our original post, written before Pope Francis was chosen: It's not required, but it's almost surely going to happen: The man chosen to be will choose a new name в one other than what he was born with. So, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI. His predecessor, Pope John Paul II, was born Karol Jozef Wojtyla. And so on back through history. How far back? That's one of the 5 things we'll try to explain. 1. Who started this tradition? The Kansas City Star reports in a story headlined "What's In A Name? A Lot If You're A Pope," that it apparently began with "Mercurius, named for the god Mercury," who in 533 changed his name to John II. "A pope named after a pagan god в that wasn't going to go over, PR-wise," Biagio Mazza, a church educator and historian in Kansas City, tells the Star. John II set a precedent: Almost all popes since have chosen a name that honors a saint or a previous pope (or both).

Many are thought to have been sending some sort of message. Pope John Paul I, chose "a composite of the names of two previous popes, John and Paul, who had guided the church through the tumultuous Second Vatican Council (known as Vatican II) in the 1960s. Many consider it to be one of the most important в and controversial в periods in the church's history, as leaders attempted to modernize relations between the church and the secular world. " The new (and short-lived) pope "wanted to show he was not going to deviate from their path and would be faithful to what they had done," William Portier, chair of Catholic theology at the University of Dayton, tells CTV. 2. When did a pope last choose not to change his name? That's a bit of a judgment call. that "the last pope to use his baptismal name was Marcellus II in 1555. " As the 2008 book Popes and the Tale of Their Names notes, "his birth name was Marcello Cervini degli Spannochi. " So, Marcellus was really just a variation of Marcello. 3. Whose name has been "retired. " St. Peter was the first pope and there hasn't been a Pope Peter since. He has "a unique and sacrosanct standing as a pope," as Popes and the Tale of Their Names puts it, and his followers have not wished to look as if they're comparing themselves to him. 4.

Which name has been the most popular? and may never be topped. Pope John XXIII, who died in 1963, was the most recent (if you include the two John Pauls, of course, you could argue that there have been 25). Tied at No. 2: Benedict and Gregory. Those names have each been used 16 (XVI) times. 5. What Names Are Still Waiting To Be Reused? St. Linus was the second pope, and there hasn't been another Linus since,. And there are many others from the church's first 350 years or so that haven't seen their names reused в including St. Hyginus, St. Zephyrinus and St. Dionysius. But Pope Lando (913-14) deserves a special mention. He appears to be the last pope with a name that was completely unique (though John Paul I also deserves a nod because he decided to add the "I" himself; no other pope, it seems, has declared himself to be a "first"). Since Lando's short time leading the church, there hasn't been another Pope Lando. Before we finish, we'll say this before someone else does: Lando does have one semi-famous namesake, of course, Star Wars movies. Update at 3:30 p. m. ET. Leo Is The Betting Favorite: The Irish online betting site Paddy Power does. Right now, Leo is the 11/10 favorite. There have been 13 other Leos, so far.

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