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why do tires wear out on the inside

Uneven tire wear compromises the life and performance of your tires, the handling of your vehicle, and your safety. Thatвs why itвs so important to spot signs of uneven tire wear early and take corrective action. Misalignment One-sided wear results when the top of the tire leans away from or toward the vehicle. This is your camber, and your wheels arenвt parallel. When your tires are pointed toward or away from the road, thereвs a problem with the toe and your vehicle isnвt set straight. Mechanical parts Bent, damaged or worn out front-end parts such as tie rods and ball joints can also cause uneven outside wear
The risks: The Solution: Get a wheel alignment from the tire experts at Kal Tire. Theyвll determine whatвs wrong with your suspension system and use computerized to ensure your wheels are parallel and your vehicle is set straight. Underinflation Underinflation wears your tires on both outside shoulders because the edges are making excessive contact with the road.

Pump up your tires Pump up your tires to the right tire pressure according to your manufacturerвs recommendations. Use a tire air pressure gauge and check your pressure regularly, if possible in the morning when your tires are cold. Overinflation The culprit behind rapid and uneven centre wear. Too much air causes the middle to bulge and make more road contact. Deflate your tires to the recommended PSI specified in your ownerвs manual or the sticker in your door jam. The вmax. pressв number on a tire sidewall is the maximum, not the for everyday driving. Mechanical parts problems can cause cupping, spotting, feathering or scalloped wear because the tire isnвt tracking straight. A range of issues could be at work: loose wheel bearings, worn suspension components, imbalanced or mismounted wheels or aggressive braking. Visit an auto service centre such as Kal Tire so you can get a diagnosis from the experts as well as the repairs your vehicle needs to get your tires tracking straight and hitting the road uniformly.

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