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why is my hard drive always running

Hey there. If it's not a virus it could be some sort of issue with the drive, or a different kind of software problem, perhaps an OS one. First, you should backup your important data if you haven't done it already, just to be on the safe side. After that I'd advise you to download the HDD manufacturer's diagnostic tool and run the tests so that you can either confirm or rule out a possible issue with the HDD. You could also give it a go with a different SATA port and different cables, to see if the same thing happens.

Check if you have available updates for your OS and give it a go, to see if that fixes things up. You could also try disabling some OS services, which have been linked to high disk usage sometimes, services like: BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service), Superfetch, Prefetch and Windows search, just to see if any of them is the cause for the problem. Hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes.
Hello, First off, my computer specs are: Within the past couple of months, my laptop has gotten extremely slow, to the point where it takes several minutes on startup before I can do anything with the laptop.

When I bought it, it ran amazingly fast. Now it is frustratingly slow. When I look at the task manager, it shows my disk activity at a constant 100%, even when there is only about. 5 MB/s of activity going on. The fans are constantly running full speed, and, as an example of how slow it is going, loading a game of League of Legends takes about 3 minutes whereas when I bought it, I would be first to load in, usually in about 15-20 seconds.

Skype seems to be suspicious, as when I have it installed, the disk activity is at a constant 100%. On startup, my Avira Antivirus Free also seems to be a culprit, reaching 4-5 Mb/s (relatively a lot compared to everything else in the task manager, I don't know a whole lot about computers so I'm not sure whether or not this is a high activity). Does anyone have any suggestions or useful tips on this? I have already done a full disk scan with my antivirus and no viruses were found.

My friend suggested that maybe the hard drive was going bad, but I only bought it less than a year ago, and if that is the case then I'd have to send it in to Lenovo which isn't ideal since I need it for college. Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to respond. I have a very busy day tomorrow, so if I don't reply tomorrow then I will over the weekend. EDIT: More info, the Read/Write speed in the Performance tab of Task Manager is, 0/300 Kb/s on average, idling. And this is still 100% activity.

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