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why do we celebrate st nicholas day

Why Celebrate St. Nicholas Day? December 6 or December 19 on the Julian Calendar To learn about the true Santa Claus and Father Christmas: St. Nicholas, a man of faith who lived his life in devotion to Christ
To focus on giving more than receiving: St. Nicholas cared for the needy To emphasize small treats and family fun: St. Nicholas loved children To provide a bit of special festivity early in the waiting weeks of : St. Nicholas points to Jesus, the heart of Christmas To tell the story of a Christian, whose model life inspires compassion and charity To honor St. Nicholas honors the Christ Child who selflessly gave the greatest gift of all himself of Dover, Trevor Willmott, has this message about St. Nicholas and Christmas: "Well, it is obvious here where I am, here in city centre celebrating Saint Nicholas.

Here he is, the great man himself. Because Nicholas takes us to the heart of Christmas, doesn t it? St. Nicholas reminds us of God s love, God coming amongst the ordinariness of us, arriving amongst the noise and sound ready for us to set out on our journey. My wish for all of us as we come to Christmas this year mindful of cracks in our society, mindful of people in need, because let s not forget those who are hungry and homeless this Christmas. But in the heart of all this God comes and says, You are my children. I love you. Serve my folk. So all of us here in city centre of Canterbury wish to hold onto God s love and God s presence this coming Christmastide. " Before there was Santa Claus, there was Saint Nicholas, known traditionally as the bearer of gifts. On many Europeans still celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, and many Ptraditions were originally a part of this holiday.

To find out more about Saint Nicholas Day, read on! Who is Saint Nicholas? We may think of Saint Nick, Father Christmas or Pas being a mythical person, but Saint Nicholas was a real 4 Century Greek Saint who was admired for being kind and helping those in need. PHe was renowned for secretly giving and placing coins in the shoes of the needy. In one storyPSaint Nicholas helped a man who had three daughters who couldnt marry by throwing bags of money in their house when they came of age, but being very modest he did it in the night so the man would thank God instead. He is the patron saint of children, unmarried girls, and sailors. Where in the World? The tradition of Saint Nicholas Day is still observed all across Europe, from Pto Bulgaria.

Each country has its own legends of the saint, and some have different ways of celebrating. Europeans arent the only ones who get to have a big feast for the bearer of gifts; even in North America cities that have large populations of descent celebrate the day. Many traditions from Saint Nicholas Day may seem familiarPto Christmas celebrations. Here are a few! Children receive gifts in their, like coins and apples (this is where the Christmas stocking comes from! ) There is a In some families dad will dress up as Saint Nick on the eve before the special day (in the folklore Saint Nicholas would arrive with his companion Black Peter, who dealt with bad children while St. Nick rewarded the good! ) What do you think of Saint Nicholas Day? Does your family celebrate, and how? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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