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why do warts turn black after freezing

There are several old wives tales for curing wart, including spreading butter on your wart, then letting the dog lick the butter off; sleeping on your favorite quilt for 30 days; and even piercing the wart with a needle until you see blood, then burying the needle in the dirt. Their effectiveness is suspect, but there are over-the-counter wart treatments that donвt require letting a toad wet on your wart. One requires freezing the wart with dimethyl ether. Watch your wart closely for signs that your wart freeze is working. Freeze the wart by following the directions of your wart freeze product. Watch for your skin to change from white to red. A blister may form underneath the wart, and you may experience some stinging and tenderness for a day. Watch for small black dots to appear in the center of your wart after two or three days. Keep your wart clean with antibacterial soap, and covered with an adhesive bandage. Do not pick at the black spots or puncture the blisters. These are signs that your wart freeze is working properly. Treat the area again if your wart persists after two weeks.

Do not treat your wart more than three times. Talk to your doctor if repeated treatment fails to remove your wart. Do not chew or pick at your skin around your fingernails. This can allow the human papillomavirus that causes warts to infect the area. Wear flip-flops in community showers to avoid contact with the virus. Keep dry, cracked skin moisturized to help avoid warts. If stinging and pain persists for more than 24 hours after the initial treatment, seek medical treatment as you may have frozen your skin too deeply. Use wart freeze in a well-ventilated area and wash your hands immediately after treatment. Do not use wart freeze if you cannot clearly see your wart. Wart freeze applied directly to your skin can cause burns and scarring. Do not use: on children 4-years-old or younger; if you are a diabetic or have poor circulation; pregnant or breast feeding; on irritated skin or infected areas; on moles, birthmarks or genital warts.
Apart from a black blister and a lot of pain! PIs Cryosurgery painful?

Hell yes! Ok maybe i should be more sensitive but i have had this done personally and it was pretty awful! The Extreme coldness and applicator pressure takes some mind over matter power, But if you can bare with the pain its the quickest way to get rid of a plantar wart or verruca for sure. Home kits are no where as strong as Cryosurgery done by Podiatry clinics. That is why the kits have 10-15 applications usually as it will take several treatments to the warts to blister. What is Liquid Nitrogen? A colourless clear liquid, It is nitrogen in a liquid form, PIt is extremely cold and will freeze any living tissue it makes contact with. Your Podiatrist Or Doctor will hold the applicator onto the wart for 10-30 seconds MAX. Before it becomes uncomfortable and un bearable!. What happens when you freeze a wart over the next few days? The coldness of the liquid nitrogen forms a black blood blister over the wart, This is good! Once the Black blister hardens it will fall off with the warts root attached. What happens when you freeze a wart using a home kit?

This is Dr Scholls Freeze Away Ki t but to be honest they are much alike with Wartner and Compund W. You Get a can of liquid nitrogen and 10-15 applicator heads included. Only use an applicator once. This prevents cross contamination. Hold the applicator on the wart for 3-5 seconds. Do Home Freezing Kits Work? Yes it does! But reading through the amazon reviews on all three products i would say the product really works on children feet and warts on hands. all bad actually with only 48% say they got the results they wanted! I wouldn t cross Cryosurgery off your list yet, I believe you would get the result you want. that is the wart gone If you visited a Podiatrist clinic who uses the clinical cryosurgery equipment and the highest strength liquid nitrogen that soft tissue can take. Yes it may be painful but fingers crossed you will only need one treatment and the wart or verruca will be gone for good! My 2016 Infographic photo here explains how my patients warts were treated best. The winner being Natural plant based oils and the worst Bazuka Gel.!

Now my poor old mum has been plagued with autoimmune problems all her life and warts on her feet and hands have been a really problem for her!. She had Three Cryosurgery treatments on her feetP and the warts would just not die! I remember being with her watching her in pain from the treatments and it wasn t nice! but she was prepared to try it to be wart free. When i qualified as a Chiropodist in 2001 i made it my mission to find her alternative pain free treatment to try on her warts. What we came up with after 10 or more products was the A natural essential oil plant based treatment that was applied to the warts daily for 15 weeks and thank heavens success was ours! It is a product i have now been recommending to my patients for over 10 years with my biggest success (apart from mum) being a child who had 10 warts and we got rid of them in 16 days!. I hope this answers a few of your questions about what happens when you freeze a wart at home and if you need any more help, Leave a comment below and i will reply with my best advice for you.

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