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why do the ny giants play in new jersey

Other answer are correct, about naming yourself after the nearest big city. What isn t mentioned is that it s a deliberate marketing ploy to draw in more fans from a contested market with multiple teams. Naming yourself Jersey Jets tells New Yorkers that it s not really
their team, they should root for the Giants instead. Hopefully for the team, Jersey people know the Jets are really theirs, but they can get a lot of the much larger NYC market, too. Better example was when the Anaheim Angels didn t move stadia or anything, but changed their name to the Los Angeles Angels, and later, now, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, with the intention of capturing more of the LA market, not just fans from smaller LA-area places like Anaheim.

The Dodgers fought the move because it might cut into their own fan base, either new fans or those casual enough to switch allegiances. Also, I don t mean through language like marketing ploy to say this is necessarily wrong (though in the Angels case it got a little ridiculous) only that it s not just for convenience that they use the biggest city, it s to associate themselves with as many potential money-spending fans as possible.

NY Giants should be called NJ Giants for lots of reasons. Their home is in jersey, they practice in jersey not albany like some r saying, all revenue, taxes, and above all every penny made stays in NJ. Yes they had their start in Ny, but for nearly 40 years they have been playing and practicing in Nj.

Hey, the nj nets r going to be playing in brooklyn, ny and will be called brooklyn nets, no longer nj nets and it makes perfect sense, now the giants having the NJ on their helmets makes great sense too. No matter what anyone says, the Giants have been a NJ team for almost 4 decades, and that the bottom line. Let s Go NJ Giants! Kick some patriots ass!

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