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why do things happen for a reason

Youвve heard it a million times. Everything happens for a reason and you may not see it right away but it will become clear one day. You don в t want to hear this, especially during a period of great grief and mourning. Fact remains though, itвs true. The latter part of that statement is frustrating to say the least. You want answers now. Not one day. Why did this happen to you? You don в t want to find out in 2, 5 or 10 years why something tragic happened. Itвs maddening. So why do things happen to us. What possible explanations can make these event s any easier to deal with? Hereвs 5 of them that just might help. 1. I remember losing a job once
and being so pissed about it only to realize shortly thereafter that a better job had opened up and had my name on it. Yes losing a job is shitty but keep in mind, that when you lose something, like a job, itвs simply paving the way for something better to come along. If you still had that crummy job, you might have missed out on that other, much better one. В So remember, when we lose one thing, which we think is a good thing, it is opening up room for something much better. Thank it for its experience and let it go. Donвt forget to thank the Universe for taking something away only to bring something better. 2. Struggling sucks but we sure can grow from it. No one likes to struggle, ever, period. We always just want to be happy and breeze through life but then sometimes, bammo, some nasty stuff ends up in our path and the end result? We are in struggle to survive mode. These times are a blessing. Without struggle how would we grow?

We take these lessons, learn a great deal from them and move on. Later on down the road, something else will come up and we will be more prepared to handle it because, well, weвve been here before and we managed just fine. Be patient and breathe in and out. You will be so much stronger, wiser and better when you get through this period. 3. Tragedy often brings new friends and forms new relationships. Ones that you would have never had the pleasure of making if tragedy hadnвt struck. Now I get this may not seem like much comfort at the time. The grief that comes from tragedy is unbearable but the fact remains that it does bring people together. New people, warm, loving and caring people. Some of the best friendships have started from tragedies. Though your new friend will not take the place of the person you lost, they will still find a place in your heart that can be lasting. 4. You must stop taking things for granted. Things and people. We are all guilty of that at one time or another. Taking our things and our possessions for granted, taking advantage of the people we have in our lives until one day, well you know. Theyвre gone or you lose your stuff either through a job loss, divorce or bankruptcy. So whatвs the reason and the lesson here? We learn to appreciate what and who we have more. It opens our eyes and our hearts to what we do have in our life and who was always there. It also helps us to realize that stuff is just stuff and doesnвt take the place of relationships. 5. We learn to love, give and live more. Each experience we go through in our lives definitely happens for us to learn something.

Sometimes we need to learn to love more, or more unconditionally. Or sometimes we need to learn to give or live m ore. Our experiences will help to open our eyes to the world around us and to the things we have been missing, which sometimes is life. Too many of us let our lives just roll on by and we float away with it. Life is meant to be lived in joy, peace and great love. Life is full of challenges, ups and downs. Itвs also full of beauty and wonderful things too. Enjoy every moment, good and bad and grow from each. You will be better for it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe officially has a new best character: Shuri, the resident tech wizard and T'Challa's little sister from Black Panther. There have already been plenty of think pieces on what her role will be in Infinity War. Will she steal Tony Stark's techie title? Hopefully. Will she continue to annoy T'Challa even as they save the world? Probably. But I have a larger role in mind for her. She's charismatic, she's brave, she's funny -- all qualities of a good leader, in my book. In fact, when she raises her hand to challenge T'Challa's new throne just to mess with him in the new movie, I could feel half the audience wishing they could have seen that battle go down. So, how do we get Shuri on that throne? It's actually a lot more likely that she'll be made queen than you'd expect, especially considering what's currently on the horizon of the MCU. In a recent storyline in the comics, a wounded T'Challa is unable to protect Wakanda, so Shuri is nominated as the successor to the Black Panther title.

The powers of the Black Panther initially don't take, but after proving her selflessness and bravery without them by donning the Black Panther armor and protecting Wakanda on her own, she is granted the same powers as T'Challa. Once T'Challa wakes up, though, he doesn't stay in Wakanda to reclaim his title. He leaves Wakanda behind so he can stop Doctor Doom, who's threatening the world again for one reason or another. But T'Challa doesn't leave Wakanda without a leader. Shuri stays behind to assume both the throne and the Black Panther mantle. Infinity War comes out April 27th, and we already know Thanos' appearance will be world-threatening. It's more than likely whatever chaos he brings with him will call every Avenger to the battlefield, including T'Challa, leaving Wakanda without a leader and without a Black Panther. Unless. Even if Infinity War doesn't take this route, I still believe Shuri will take on a larger role in the MCU. As it stands, Shuri is already a princess and technical genius, but, in the comics, she is just as much the Black Panther as T'Challa is. She has the potential to be a queen, technical genius, and superhero all wrapped into one. I mean, she's already made a small collection of Black Panther suits. How much is it to ask that she try one on herself? There's no doubt the royal family has a long life with the MCU. The box office is still breaking records, so I'm expecting nothing less than the number of sequels the rest of the boys are getting. So, if we're lucky, Shuri's sitting on the throne in her Black Panther garb just a few films down the road.

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