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why do they call the canadiens the habs

Youppi! , a creation of Acme Mascots, Inc. (a division of Harrison/Erickson, Inc. ), was commissioned by Expos vice-president. Originally leased by the team in 1979, the
was eventually purchased by the team and represented them until they moved to, after the 2004 season. Youppi! was designed by, formerly a designer for, and the designer of, and other characters. The orange, hairy giant was one of the most popular figures among everyone at. Youppi! was the first mascot to be thrown out of a game: On August 23, in the 11th, while atop the visitors', Youppi! took a running leap, landing hard and noisily on its roof, and then sneaked into a front row seat. complained to the and Youppi! was ejected, though he later returned, confined to the home team's dugout roof, as Montreal eventually lost 10 in 22 innings. Youppi! was also a frequent joke punchline of notoriously sarcastic broadcaster.

Youppi! was also referenced by pitcher during interviews in 's documentary. Youppi! is often referred to as one of only three mascots inducted to the. The others are the of, another Erickson design, and the from. Although their likenesses can be found in the displays in, their inductions to the Hall of Fame are not considered "official. " The Montreal-based political cartoonist, better known as "Aislin", depicted or referenced Youppi! on several occasions, including a prescient 1988 cartoon drawn at a time when the Expos were having a poor season and depicting then-general manager of the Canadiens receiving a phone call from Youppi! , presumably seeking employment. After the Expos moved to and became the, the Nationals initially stated that Youppi! would still be a part of the team in some capacity. However, the team adopted a new mascot, the " ". For months after the move, the fate of Youppi! hung in the balance.

Negotiations were held with ten groups, including the. On September 16, 2005, the announced that Youppi! would become the first official mascot of the organization, and the first mascot to ever switch between any two. The terms of acquisition were reportedly in the six figures. Youppi! now sports the Canadiens' bleu-blanc-rouge (blue, white, and red) jersey. Youppi! 's first game in the was on October 18, 2005. On February 19, 2012, at the Canadiens' first home game after the death of Montreal Expos great, Youppi! wore the Expos colours in Carter's memory. On May 16, 2014, on the eve of the Canadiens series against the in the, New York City native, the host of NBC's, which is taped in New York, made a bet with the Montreal Canadiens that if they won the series, Fallon would wear a Montreal jersey during his opening monologue.

However, if the Rangers won the series, Youppi! would have to wear a Rangers jersey around Montreal and post at least ten pictures of him doing so on the Canadiens' Twitter account and also change their avatar to a pic of Rangers goalie playing guitar. The Rangers won the series on May 29 in six games. As such, on June 1, the Canadiens honoured their bet and a dejected Youppi! was photographed around Montreal in a Rangers jersey with Fallon's name on the back, and the last photo, as Fallon stated, featured him riding the mechanical bull at Montreal bar Chez Serge. According to Brian McFarlane's original six book on the Habs, Ambrose O'Brien owned the Wanderers suggested to Jimmy Gardner to start a french Canadian team and call them Les Canadiens. They went on to form a new league called the National Hockey Association in 1909. I will quote the rest: "In 1910, when Montrealer George Kennedy and his partners in the Canadien Athletic Club purchased the Canadiens, the team emblem became a maple leaf with the letters "CAC" imprinted on the leaf.

Imagine a maple leaf on Montreal jersey! The sweater colours became red, white and blue. By 1915 the sweater began to take on the appearance of the modern-day red sweater. In 1917 someone designed a large "C" surrounding a small "H", an emblem which has remained constant, and extremelly popular, for almost 80 years. There is a misconception that the letter "H" stands for "Habs" or "Habitants", meaning farmers or people living in the country, stemming from the fact that most Canadiens were French-speaking boys from rural areas. But the "H" in the emblem really stands for "Hockey". I actually highly recommand that book to all die-hard Habs' fans. The name of the team is actually Club de Hockey Canadien.

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