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why do volleyball players tape their fingers

Whether you're a hitter or a blocker, you're going to do some damage to your fingernails while practicing and playing. Here's a quick tip for players--that practice so often their fingernails break away from the finger--to help them avoid bleeding and pain. No Pain, No Gain
Personally, I had to tape my fingers to keep this from happening in college.

I went through MANY ways of taping before I figured out the right way. So, I offer the form that I painfully learned. First, take a piece of tape about three inches long and place one end where your fingerprint is. Bring it over your nail pulling tightly and press tape down on your fingernail (this acts like a butterfly stitch).

Then, take a piece of tape about three inches long and tape AROUND your finger, to keep the tape in place. After this is done correctly, it should keep your fingers from bleeding. Be very careful taking them off; you'll see why. Play hard and good luck with your taping. See more or find. Athletic taping cannot be a substitute for proper strengthening, conditioning and rehabilitation.

An athlete who uses taping in this way is susceptible to injury and pain during play. Effective athletic taping is used in conjunction with strength and conditioning programs. In addition, any athletic taping must be approved by the game official in volleyball, who decides whether a taping job offers an unfair advantage or threatens to injure other players during the game.

Finally, be aware of allergies or skin sensitivities toward any adhesive used in athletic training. A reaction to the athletic tape will negatively affect volleyball performance and athlete comfort.

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