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why do visa gift cards sell for more on ebay

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A new subreddit for ebay sellers! Related Websites - An independent website to search for and report bad buyers. That's really amazing. I don't see anything special about the card, it's not as if it were a collectible design or anything. and when you add the risk of the card not being good--my experience is that something will go wrong on an eBay transaction, buying or selling, maybe once in twenty times. I can't think of any explanation other than auction fever. Twice I sold CDs, just plain ordinary (music) CDs, in perfectly good shape but used, CDs that were currently in print and could be purchased from Amazon, for higher than the price of a new one from Amazon (including shipping). It really bothered me. eBay phrases things in terms of "winning" or "losing" an auction and the only thing I can think of is that there must be people who simply hate to "lose" so badly that they are willing to overpay rather than let someone else get something they were after.

Either that, or there may be automated "sniping" programs that can overshoot the maximum reasonable price? When I buy things on eBay I simply decide what I'm willing to pay, set that amount as my maximum bid, and never look back. (In case people aren't familiar. your bid is secret. If you enter a bid of, say, $100, all that happens is that whenever someone else bids, eBay automatically and instantly raises your visible bid to just over your competitors. until your maximum is reached. I don't understand why anyone does anything else. Apparently there is a theory that by psyching people out and "sniping" at the last minute, it is possible to obtain an item for less than the amount you are willing to pay for it, but I have no wish to do that. I just maximum-bid the amount I'm willing to pay for the item. and never raise that amount no matter what).

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