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why do they call kobe the black mamba

Throughout his 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant has had numerous nicknames, but none have stuck like The Black Mamba. With numerous players also adopting their own versions of Bryant s nickname, the five-time champion revealed the meaning behind it. On, Bryant wanted to create a different persona for himself during a difficult time according to Scott Feinberg:
I felt the need to separate myself, in a sense. There was a lot of things going on personally with the situation going on in Colorado, and flying back and forth for games, and trying to hold my family together, as well.

It just felt like the game, which was always like a safe haven for me, was being compromised, as well. I needed to create some sort of an alter ego, just for myself, so when I step out on the court I m somebody different, not the person that was sitting in a courthouse. I m somebody different. And it helped me for my sanity. And then it just turned into something more. For many basketball fans, this is new information and an interesting explanation of the nickname. It is well-documented what happened in Colorado and Bryant was ultimately able to save his family and basketball career.

As Bryant is focused on storytelling in the next chapter of his life, his experiences can serve as examples for future generations. Like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant doesn t need to be an active basketball player to keep selling shoes. Well before Bryant s retirement tour with the Los Angeles Lakers this season, of Bryant s signature shoe line. And although we haven t yet moved on to the Kobe XII which is right around the corner we re still getting new colorways of the Kobe XI. That s The Black Mamba, the last in a line of three Kobes that made up the Muse Pack.

The previous version referenced Bryant s shark-like mentality (, a nod to Michael Jordan and the Jordan III sneaker), whereas this one is all Mamba. Taking inspiration from this rich designer-athlete rapport and BryantБs moniker БThe Black Mamba,Б the third shoe in the Kobe 11 Muse Pack features subtle details reflecting the black mamba snake. From the re-engineered Flyknit pattern and laces to the tongue and shoe underbelly, reptilian details designed by Parker subtly come to life on this new shoe.

It s not the first time Nike has labeled one of Bryant s shoes with his serpentine nickname. Earlier this year, paid tribute to Bryant s storied career, and was also named the Black Mamba. Still, it s awesome to see Kobe s nickname adorning one of his latest shoes. There doesn t appear to be any actual snakeskin on the shoe, but the heel replicates a reptilian scale pattern: Even the tongue has a hint of a snake-like pattern, although you ll have to look close to see it: The Black Mamba Kobe XI will release online and at select retail locations on May 26.

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