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why is africa known as the dark continent

Why is Africa called the Dark Continent? March 8, 2011,
Why is Africa called the Dark Continent?. Others thought it was because of the dark complexion of the living in it. Others explained that Europeans who are famous as explorer considered the continent as mysterious. Africa is a continent which was not influenced much by modern civilization that s why its culture and way of living was described as backwards. The truth about Africa as Dark Continent can be explained in their history. In was in 1400 s when Europeans accepted slaves from Congo, one of the countries in Africa. Sine Europeans were known to be powerful, the African have no choice but to render their services as slaves. There was a sugar plantation in West Africa which was managed by Portuguese traders. Because of the growth of the plantations, more slaves were needed from Africa. These slaves were traded, captured, and kidnapped. Africa did not prosper because of slavery and poverty. The colonization of Western countries also added to the famine and sickness felt by African people. As Europe s enjoyed prosperity, Africa s economy was a slump. The torment and distress that made Africa suffer for centuries were the reasons why it was called as Dark Continent. After centuries of struggles from war, hunger, and scarcity, Africa tried to survive. When imperialism was introduced, there were signs of progress. But then the inequality of the distribution of caused again more problems for Africa. Chaos and boundaries always prevent the Dark Continent to prosper. The imperialists government had been so powerful that Even the natural resources were not used up to the potentials. There was scarcity because the resources were depleted. The colonial rule exploited what Africa has.

Now, Africa is starting to embrace a healthy economy. With independence and political stability, there is still hope for Africa. What has been known as the Dark Continent is slowly becoming the most promising land in the world. Why is Honor important? Why is Quebec not separate from Canada? Geographically, Africa has occupied the southward landmass of the earth. It separates from Europe through Mediterranean Sea and Asia through Red sea. Isthmus of Suez connects Africa from Asia. It also includes Arabian Peninsula and the Zagros mountains of Iran. Africa has occupied distinct place in the world's economy. Its natural resources, youth power and its geographical position have quadrupled its charm in the world. Despite its financial crunch, Africa continues to maintain its growth. Many international agencies are gaining interest in investing in the emerging economies of Africa. Most progressing economy of Africa is South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia. These countries are rich in mineral resources and fossil fuel. Africa is not only blessed with rivers but also with lakes too. There is a group of big lakes in central Africa that might be called the "Great Lakes" of this continent. The largest of these lakes is Lake Victoria that also holds the reputation of being the 2nd fresh water lake in the world. Another among many famous lakes in Africa is Lake Tanganyika which is the 7th largest freshwater lake in the world. Other lakes which carry equal importance for Africa are Lake Malawi, Lake Turkana, Lake Albert, Lake Kivu and Lake Edward. Natural wonders of Africa are spectacular, spell bound, mesmerizing and enthralling. The amazing wonders of nature are found throughout the continent of Africa.

Namibia Desert is one of the natural wonders found in Africa that stretches 1,000 miles from North to South and is known for being the oldest desert on the earth. Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in the entire world. It has a height of 19,341 feet with its peak covered with snow year around. Ecologically significant and extremely beautiful Congo caves stand among the most mysterious natural wonders of the world. They present a majestic display of limestone formation with an extensive range of natural colors. Situated between the limestone hills, this wonder attracts flocks of people every year. A visit to Africa would be incomplete without witnessing the majestic and breathtaking beauty of Victoria Falls that extend along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is among the two most powerful water falls in the world. Besides viewing the falls, you can set a boat trip below the falls or even observe it from the helicopter depending upon your wish! Africa is the continent where rainbow duplicates itself over the Victoria Falls, where man and beast exist in the dense jungle. It's a land where beating of drums create magnificent image in the mind, a land where we find lofty pyramids to the legendry treasure they hold is the great spot of tourism. Sahara Desert and Kalahari Desert are the two major deserts of Africa that attract the people from all over the world. These deserts accommodate too many historical monuments and are embellished with sand dunes. Africa is a combination of tender and wilderness. Adventure safari tour is a golden opportunity to meet with natural life of the earth. Its Victoria fall is one of the Seven Wonders of the World; Pyramids in Egypt, Djenne and the old Sub-Saharan city are the exotic places for tourism.

Education plays fundamental role in the development of society. After a long period of ignorance, education in Africa began as a tool to prepare the youth to take their place in the respective societies. Africa has a numerous universities famous worldwide. University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg and Stellenbosch University are among the highly ranked universities in Africa whereas University of Cairo has crept on to 5th ranking. American university in Cairo and Mansoura university of Egypt are among the most important universities of Africa. Sport is the emblem of peace and relation in the world. Africa can use this card well. Every country in Africa has its own sporting preferences but largely Soccer is the most common. Olympic Games and cricket are popular in some African countries. 53 countries have football teams in the Confederation of African football. According to FIFA ranking, Egypt currently has the best soccer team in Africa. Their team has won the 7 African Cups. South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe cricket teams have played internationally. Rugby is also popular sport in South Africa and in Namibia. Africa is rising as an emerging star in the sports of the world. Africa was formerly known as Dark Continent. It was previously believed that it was primarily due to the black skin of its inhabitants and the absence of lights. This old notion has lost its significance now. It is actually known as the Dark Continent because of its stricken masses who were suffered badly in the hand of colonialism. Furthermore, it is the last of the continents to be influenced by the western civilization. This can be stated as another reason for Africa's underdevelopment.

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