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It's really hard to put on a wedding ring in space. The INSIDER Summary: The designation of the fourth finger on the left hand as the "ring finger" dates back to 1549. It was a way for the Anglican Church to distinguish their traditions from the Catholic Church. There's a myth from ancient Rome that the finger has a "lover's vein" leading to the heart. That's wrong. Most Westerners adopted the custom, but different religions have their own traditions. Most wedding traditions can be. And the reason people wear the wedding band on the fourth finger on the left hand dates back to one of the most contentious religious debates of all time. The actual use of wedding rings or wedding bands. But the decision to wear them on what's now known as the "ring finger" can be traced back only around 450 years, when the Church of England broke off with the Catholic Church. The Church of England chose the left hand because it was the opposite of what Catholics did. The rule that we should wear wedding rings on our left hand comes from "The Book of Common Prayer," a collection of prayer books used by the Anglican Church from around 1549. Following the break with the Catholic Church which is commonly known as the Reformation the Anglican Church needed service and worship books that were different from those of the Catholic Church. Prior to the Reformation, most of Europe and therefore the Catholic Church put the wedding ring on the right hand,
in As Carrie Underwood shows here, it's the fourth finger on the left hand. "The Book of Common Prayer" Reformers to put the ring "upon the fowerth finger of the womans left hande" instead.

It's one of many that were the Anglican Church from the Catholic Church and other versions of Christianity in Europe. No, the tradition doesn't come from Egyptians or a "lover's vein. " The idea of wearing wedding rings on fourth finger on the left hand is sometimes attributed to Appian of Alexandria, a Greco- who lived in the second century. that the ancient Egyptians believed that there was a nerve that ran from that finger to the heart, confusing it with a vein and calling it "vena amoris," or "lover's vein. " This is wrong. , a famed 16th century Dutch physician, who wrote that rubbing a golden ring on the finger "affects the heart in women" and "refresheth the fountain of life," which is also wrong. In reality, ; the first-century Roman Pliny the Elder favored the pinkie. Either one of both members of the couple get a wedding ring, depending on tradition. Not everyone wears a wedding ring on that finger. Religions other than Christianity don't necessarily put the ring on the fourth finger on the left hand. In, for example, so that it's more easily seen. It can be moved to another finger. And in Islamic and Hindu weddings, there isn't necessarily a ring at all. The use of the wedding ring also came under fire during other points of Christian history.

Early Quakers refused to wear it, and the briefly lived Puritan Parliament in 17th-century England banned the wedding ring because of its "heathenish origin,". Today, most Westerners, even Catholics, have adopted the practice of wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger, but there are still pockets of people who keep their local traditions. Everybody knows that in the UK, alongside most countries around the world, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. б But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why we do this? Or where this tradition came from? Well, it all actually started before medical science first discovered how the circulatory system actually functioned. Before the discovery of the circulation system, first in Tudor times, people believed that a vein ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand, all the way to the heart. Because of the left hand/heart connection, the descriptive name Бvena amorisБ, Latin for the vein of love, was chosen for this particular vein. MORE: Based upon this name, БexpertsБ in the field of matrimonial etiquette wrote that it would only make sense for the wedding ring to be worn on this particular finger. For a married couple, this would ultimately declare their eternal love for one another. Romantic, huh? That said,б this is not the case for many other countries and culture, as many choose toб wear the ring on the fourth finger of the right hand.

Andб there are many reasons for this: Freedom of choice There is no law that says you must wear a wedding ring on the left hand. If you simply prefer your right hand to the left hand, itБs perfectly acceptable to wear the ring as you please. A difference in culture Obviously every culture has itБs own tradition. б According to, people in many central and northern European couples wear wedding rings on their right ring fingers. Countries including Austria, Denmark Poland and Germany are just a few to name that follow this tradition. In Germany, couples place a gold band on the left handб before the wedding. After theyБre married, they move it to the right handб as a symbol of unity. Health considerations Health considerations can make left hand ring wearing difficult for some people, so alternatively they wear it on the right. Rheumatoid arthritis and other joint diseases can cause swelling of the knuckles on one hand, and it can become difficult to put on or take off a ring. To avoid pain or causing other problems to the hand, the ring is worn on the fourth finger of the right hand. SurprisinglyБ if youБre left handed! Wearing a wedding ring on the right hand can simply mean that person is left-handed and doesnБt their ring to be subjected to the wear and tear from their dominant hand. ItБs a simple enough way to make sure it stays safe. You go left hand-ers. MORE:

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