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why do ups tracking numbers start with 1z

FedEx Ground and Express tracking numbers can be between 12 and 14 digits. Prior to January 2013, Ground tracking numbers were up to 15 digits and Express numbers were up to 12 digits. A UPS tracking number, for domestic packages within the United States, will usually start with "1Z" followed by a 6 character shipper number (numbers and letters), a 2 digit service level indicator, and finally 8 digits identifying the package, for a total of 18 characters. [ for the identification of single packages. Such identifiers consist of upper-case characters and numerals, and they can be up to 35 digits long. Companies that already use this standard do not require an additional identifier to track their pieces when shipping with DHL Express.

In addition, DHL Express uses numeric identifiers of exactly ten digits to track transport orders (i. e. an order to transport a shipment consisting of one or more pieces from A to B). Customers can use both codes for tracking purposes.
There are a number of reasons why tracking a particular tracking number may not be working. These vary by type of tracking number: iShip Tracking Numbers iShip tracking numbers begin with the letters "MM", "MA", or "EM" and are 13 characters long. If you receive an error message that looks like the following: We were unable to track your package. Please make sure the tracking number is correct, select a carrier from the list below, and click on Submit.

The tracking number should not contain the letters "I", "L", or "O". If it does, switch the I and/or L to a one, and/or the O to a zero, and try your tracking request again. The tracking number should contain 13 characters. The package record may have been edited. When a package is edited before shipment, the original tracking number is voided, and a new one is created. If you received the tracking number via e-mail, you should receive a second e-mail with the new tracking number. Finally, if you track a package using an "EM" tracking number and obtain unexpected results, such as a different delivery date than you requested, switch the "E" to an "M" and try your request again.

Carrier tracking numbers If you are trying to track a package using a carrier tracking number directly, there are some common mistakes that can cause problems. Use these hints below to see if your tracking number is correct: UPS tracking numbers usually begin with "1Z", contain 18 characters, and do not contain the letters "O", "I", or "Q". UPS tracking numbers that do not begin with "1Z" include tracking numbers for Air Shipping Documents (hand-written airbills) and International Air Waybills. FedEx Express tracking numbers are normally 12 digits long and do not contain letters. FedEx Ground tracking numbers are normally 15 digits long and do not contain letters.

DHL tracking numbers are normally 10 or 11 digits long and do not contain letters. USPS Tracking numbers are normally 20-22 digits long and do not contain letters. USPS Express Mail tracking numbers are normally 13 characters long, begin with two letters, and end with "US". UPS Store (MBE) PSO numbers Some UPS Store or Mail Boxes, Etc. locations give out Parcel Shipping Order (PSO) numbers instead of tracking numbers. PSO numbers are normally 8 digits long and cannot be used to track packages through iShip. You may, however, be able to "track by reference" with a PSO number on the UPS web site, if you shipped your package with UPS. See the Knowledgebase Article on UPS Store PSO Numbers.

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