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why do they call it christmas video

Also available digitally from these partners: Cutting down trees? Hanging stockings? Santa Claus? What do any of these have to do with Jesus' birthday? More than you'd think! creator Phil Vischer along with intrepid newsman Buck Denver and all his friends on an amazing journey into the world's most popular holiday!

Sure, you know the Christmas story. But do you know the story of Christmas? Don't miss the whimsical, educational, Christmical party to end all Christmas parties as Buck Denver Asks _ Why Do We Call It Christmas? Want to show a video at your church, school or other gathering? Purchase a Group Viewing License which includes the site license to show the video (purchased separately).
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Mix & Match combo pricing will not show during checkout but will be reflected on your final invoice. Buck Denver asksв Why Do We Call It Christmas?

Church Edition Why Do We Call It Christmas? Church Edition will send your children's ministry on an adventure from India to Indiana and Buck Denver and friends explore the history and tradition of Christmas. - Classroom DVD (fully mastered DVD with 4 weeks of videos and bonus features, including sing- along worship songs) Why Do We Call It Christmas? features 4 weeks of lessons: 1.

The Big Questions of Christmas 2. Jesusв Birth 3. The Origins of Hanukkah 4. Emmanuel and the Christmas Story No returns on opened electronic media unless defective. Format: Length: ISBN: Pub. Date:

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