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why do we celebrate easter on sunday

hocolate, colored eggs, cute little bunnies! Easter has always been an exciting time of year for me. I remember that every year, when I was growing up, my family would spend a few hours on Friday or Saturday night just before Easter Sunday coloring and decorating Easter eggs. We always had a lot of fun! Did you know that you can really tell a lot about a personБs personality by the way they decorate their eggs? For example: My older sister was very careful and always ended up with the most beautiful looking eggs youБve ever seen, while my younger sister and brother would plop their eggs into so many different cups, each with a different color, that they would end up with a multi-colored mess!

I also remember that my mom enjoyed making special baskets for each of us that would be filled with candy and chocolates. She would hide each basket somewhere in the house, but leave a trail of marshmallows that went from our bed to where the basket was hidden. What fun! These fun activities are just some of the things that usually come to mind when we think of Easter, but thereБs more!

These things arenБt really the reason we celebrate Easter every year.
Pay attention to the significance of different days of Easter weekend. Easter is not one holiday. There is a Holy Week which leads up to the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Starting the Sunday before Easter, known as Palm Sunday, pause to reflect on the Biblical significance of such events. If your church holds special services on these days, attend if possible.

From Palm Sunday to Holy Tuesday, there are Biblical stories surrounding Christ entering Jerusalem and entering the temples there. On Holy Wednesday, Judas decided to betray Jesus and the story of his persecution begins. Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, which took place between Jesus and his disciples. Good Friday is the day of Jesus's death on the cross. Holy Saturday and Sunday, or Easter, are the last two days of the holy week. During these days, Christ's resurrection is remembered and celebrated.

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