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why do the english have such bad teeth

What further excuses will people from England use when the subject of nasty rotten teeth come up and their excuses for acceptance of this cultural phenomena?? It is disgusting and embarrassing to always see a newscaster, famous person, anyone from England with horrible brown crooked teeth
Do English people ever look in a mirror or have the courage to pick up a toothbrush and a tube of paste? Do they sell toothpaste in England? We are serious. We're not interested in spending a fortune on purely cosmetic (and painful) orthodontics for our teenage children leaving them with a mouthful of fake-looking identical tombstones. Yuk. Oh, and then we're not interested in filling our mouths with damaging chemical bleaches to give us an absurd Baywatch white dental dazzle. An excellent dentist told me once that our teeth are meant to be ivory coloured, not white. Was he wrong? Get over it, look natural. You'll be making your women pump their breasts up with silicone next! And slicing their faces up with surgical scalpels. Why? It is not lack of dental hygiene the English (not to mention the rest of the population of their island) have to thank for their peculiar dentition, but the extortionate prices most of them have to pay to have any dental work done. The matter ought to be dealt with like any other medical ailment - i. e. , by the National Health Service - but for some reason it is not. Thousands of Americans and Canadians go to Mexico every year for their dental care. The reason is simple enough: cost.

A tenth of the price if the stories are to be believed. Given that 23 million people are without basic health coverage in the USA, (a criminally insane state of affairs in any so-called civilized country) I'm sure, if the questioner looked hard enough, She'd find plenty of poor Americans with bad teeth. It pays to get up off the couch, away from the idiot box and mingle a little with reality, otherwise everything is so. how do I put this? Everything is so unreal, so boringly middle-class, so Hollywood. so unintelligent. Just like the question/rant itself. I'm quite happy being the way nature designed me as long as I'm healthy and all my bits work. So I have (by some standards) slightly crooked teeth, a large mole on my forehead, and white hair (and indeed all the body hair evolution saw fit to provide, for whatever reason). I'm happy with that. I've got better uses for my money and angst than a fear of frightening the horses. This obsession with cosmetics is indicative of the superficiality of the modern mind. It'd be nice to have better teeth but why have Americans suddenly leapt on that particular thing to criticise Brits? I think it's to do with a subconscious angst generating an obsession with appearance, caused by perceived inner vacuity. You can see this graphically in American TV programmes like NCIS and CSI which are all style with no depth of character and only hysterical emotions. They are totally unreal. Anyway, fraternal greetings to the Unreal States of America.

If you wish to comment that "us Brits" have the bad teeth and wish not to look upon your own country, that's fine. But you should look out your window and see how many of your "healthy teethed" Americans are obese. I am an American and have a thing for crooked teeth. :) And I know I am not alone! English people's teeth are unique and interesting, and it really can give their whole face a unique and interesting look, like the actress Therese Bradley, or David Bowie before he got them "fixed. " Now that the kids in the UK get free braces, sadly we will not see this awesome phenomenon anymore!
LEARNING about other countries is one of the main reasons Brits travel the world, but it turns out there is plenty the world wants to know about us too - and not all of it is flattering. New research has revealed what foreign countries search for most about Brits online. Conducted by London-based bus tour company, The Original Tour, the most popular Google search terms in other countries revealed the questions their residents are too shamed to ask an actual Brit face-to-face. The French wanted to know why we drank so much alcohol and the Polish were equally as curious about our love of tea. But some of the most bizarre queries came from close European neighbours, with Spain wanting to know why Brits have bad teeth, and Germany brutally asking why Brits are ugly. And while those aren t stereotypes that any self-resting Brit would dignify with a response, a number of other nations did post comments that can be easily explained.

Do Brits really have bad teeth? The Spanish seem to be convinced New Zealand wanted to know why the British are referred to as poms, and according to The Original Tour, the nickname has two possible origins. Many think that the word Pom - used in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, is an acronym for the phrase Prisoner of her Majesty. There are others who believe that it comes from a modification of the Australian rhyming phrase pomegranate - used to describe a British immigrant. The term was used to describe the pink colour that the Australian sun turned the British skin. Meanwhile, over in America, people want to know why Brits are so good at waiting in line. Practically a British pastime, a love of queuing is said to date back to World War Two when Brits had to line up each day to receive their rations - waiting patiently was considered doing your duty and taking your turn. Finally, Belgium asked We stick to the left on the road as we have done since the middle ages, when knights on horses rode on that side so that their sword would be in the best position to defend themselves with their right hand should they encounter an enemy. Other nations asked more serious questions about Brexit and our monarchy, while others wanted to know why we were so cold and pale - a simple google search of the British weather forecast would give them all the answers they need.

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