why do we celebrate earth day on april 22

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He proposed a day devoted to a national environmental Бteach-inБ on campuses countrywide, an opportunity to celebrate Бan environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for allБ living things. Rather than relying on centralised coordination, Nelson shrewdly insisted on grassroots organisation, with individual communities planning the events they wanted. Thus, in NelsonБs words, Earth Day Бorganised itselfББwith some help from his non-profit outfit, Environmental Teach-In, to promote the day and catalogue its multitudes of events. Whyб April 22? The date was simply chosen to fit campus schedules between spring break and final exams. Word spread through mainstream media about the impending БNational Teach-In on the Crisis of the Environment,Б and everything came together perfectly. Events included speeches, discussions, staged theatrics and coalition building, all homegrown. Attendance ranged from school assemblies to the 100,000-person Бhuman jamБ on in. An estimated 20,000,000 Americans participated in Earth Day, but not just activists and students: housewives and scientists, farmers and labour unions, religious groups, civic clubs, business leaders. Approximately half of the 20,000,000 were schoolchildren. Many would later attend university, where they would have a hand in creating environmental programs of study. Of course, Earth Day generated its critics. Industry leaders saw it as an attack on pollution-heavy corporatism, and wryly pointed out it was being celebrated on the 100 anniversary of LeninБs birthday. To contrast, lefties believed the environmental movement was a smokescreen to distract from problems of racism, poverty and militarism.

Regardless, Earth Day seemed to resonate with the average Joe, and its impact to persuaded government to change laws and attitudes is undeniable: within eight months of the inaugural Earth Day, the was established. American political candidates linked to high-pollution industries lost in the 1970 midterms. The seventies in America became the БEnvironmental Decade,Б birthing myriad eco-friendly legislations and amendments, such as the, the, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Other new laws protected natural resources and public lands. Every April 22 since, communities worldwide have celebrated Earth Day in their own ways. Significant events marked the twentieth and thirtieth anniversaries. In 1990, a resounding 200,000,000 citizens participated in 141 countries as Earth Day went global. In 2000, Earth Day went online, using the Internet to reach 183 countries. This year, over a billion people worldwide will participate in Earth Day: The Face of Climate Change. WeБll celebrate our planetБs generous, beautiful bounty and petition our leaders to act against the dangers of climate change and its effects on all living things. Thousands of events will share interactive digital displays of people, animals and places threatened by climate change, and also images of those whoБve made a difference in the ongoing battle. No doubt that what with more extreme weather year on year, a relentless population explosion pressing natural resources, and increasingly grim figures for endangered species, this Earth Year will be the most poignant one ever. How will you celebrate Earth Day? What does it mean to you? We d love to hear from you! Oh, and by the way: Happy Earth Day!

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