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Why do you want to work for our company? Your interviewer is probably going to want to know. Interviewers almost always ask why you want to work at the organization, or why you are applying to work at their particular company. It s one of the most, and saying that the job sounds great or the company is wonderful isn t enough. When interviewing prospective employees, employers are eager to determine which candidates really want the job and would invest genuine effort in bettering the company, and who just wants a job, any job, regardless of what the position entails. Though it seems like an easy, many employers will ask, Why do you want to work here? or Why would you like to work at our company? in order to gauge your level of interest and to see how much you have learned about the company. The best way to answer this question is to be prepared and knowledgeable about the company. Spend some time
(the About Us section of the employer s website is a good place to start) so you can talk about the benefits of working for this particular employer. Check out the company s LinkedIn page, as well. If you have a connection at the company, ask them if you can get some insight into what the company is seeking in an ideal employee. You might also look for the latest press releases and media coverage of the company, so you have a sense of the companys future goals. You could even look on the companys Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest or Instagram account, or other social media page, in order to get a sense of what clients or product users think about the company.

The more specifics you can provide, the better. However, don t just talk about the benefits and perks of working there. What you should really try to emphasize is how the company s mission, values, and work align with your own goals. To prepare an answer, compare your goals with the objectives of the company and the position. Make a list of the companys main objectives. Then, make a list of how your own goals align with those objectives. For example, if the company emphasizes community service, you might list this, and note that it is an important value or goal for you. When answering the question, focus on one or two goals of the company, or positive qualities about the company. Then, emphasize how these goals or qualities align with your own goals, or how your work experience would help the company achieve its goals. In your answer, rather than focus on how the company can help you emphasize how you can add value to that specific company. Even though the question is about why you want to work there, you still need to convince the interviewer that. This company is internationally known for its healthcare products, and my experience in the marketing of healthcare products has me intrigued by the opportunity this position presents. Your business is known for making a commitment to bettering the community. I would love the opportunity to use my ten years of experience in advertising to better this community with you. Not only are you a leader in the industry, with strong financials and a great business model, but I ve also seen on your Facebook page and Twitter account that users of your product are hugely enthusiastic.

In fact, I m a product user myself and am eager to be a part of the product s development and distribution. Your company s reputation is so stellar. Former colleagues of mine work here, and I ve seen how much they value the company s willingness to let employees pitch big ideas and have an active leadership role in new initiatives. I know that your company is currently working to expand its international market. Having worked in international sales for the past five years, I know I can help this company achieve its goals. When youre preparing for an interview, there are a few questions that you absolutely must know how to answernot just because theyre common, but because theyll help you figure out the big picture points you want to leave with the interviewer. Think, , Why are you interested in this position? What on your resume prepares you for this position? and Why do you want to work for this company? Since you cant really talk about your skills, Why this company? might be the trickiest. So, how do you approach this super-common interview question without leaning on your resume and without sounding like every other candidate who goes on about how excited he or she is to work for a company that values transparency and has a great company culture? To help you get started, here are four angles to consider. 1. Acknowledge the Companys Uniqueness The key to answering this question well is being specific. If you can give the same answer to another company, then youre clearly not being detailed enough.

In other words, your answer should be unique to each place you interview withno general statements about working with talented people or global impact. If you want to go the culture route, talk about the precise aspects of it that you like. Dont just touch on how driven everyone seems; instead, mention how you thrive in an environment that focuses on goals and that the teams tradition of setting weekly goals instead of annual goals is appealing. Or, if you like how the company shakes things up every once in a while, go a step further and talk about. This is the perfect chance to show off that you actually did some research. 2. Go Back to the Beginning Showing that you know a lot about the company is always impressive, but sometimes its not always possible. If finding out more about the place turns out to be more challenging than expected, try telling the story of how you first heard about it. Dont get too long-winded, of course. Your goal is here is to show that you were aware of and interested in the company before you even had the opportunity to apply. One way to do this is to share the evolution of the company youre applying for. Talk about how youve watched it grow, change, and adapt with interest. Being able to comment insightfully about a brands history is certainly a good way to show that your interest in it didnt develop overnight. 3. Think Ahead Besides diving into the history, also consider thinking ahead a little bit.

Being able to talk about what areas of the company you think have opportunities for growth and showing your excitement about contributing to that growth is an excellent way to approach this question. This forward thinking shows that not only are you invested enough to think thoughtfully about the future of the company, you have some ideas about how to continue driving its continued success. Its a great way of illustrating your knowledge and commitment in a way that goes beyond. Youve actually thought about the future of the company critically and want to play a role in it. 4. Offer a Personal Touch If all else fails, you can always count on this working: Get personal. It can be hard to talk about what makes a company special as an outsider, but one thing you can count on being unique is the people. Maybe you have a friend who works at the company. You can talk about how impressed you are with what her experience has been likejust remember to be specific. And even if you dont have an internal contact, simply being invited to the interview means youve interacted with some employees. Talk about a personal interaction with the people of the company and how theyve made you feel welcomed or how youre excited to see such enthusiasm in the team members youve spoken with so far. If all else fails, always bring it back to the people. Theres no 100% right way to answer this question, so get creative in how you want to illustrate your interest in the company. As long as you dont start going into a string of platitudes, youll be fine. Photo of.

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