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why do my scrambled eggs get watery

I make my scrambled eggs with only the eggs and water and then have spray on oil on the pan to prevent sticking. Water occurs in scrambled eggs the way you are cooking them as the eggs have started to break down, which means you are cooking them too long. Just when they start to thicken, you re supposed to turn off the heat and keep stirring until they are scrambled and then turn onto a plate straight away. If you are doing this, then the skim milk suggestion (PP) is the next plausible option I think.
In an early episode of Good Eats, Alton tells us that watery eggs aren t so much because of high heat, but because of being cooked too long under high heat.

However, if the heat is too low, you ll get a different texture of scrambled egg. Some people prefer this though, look into soft scrambled eggs if you d like to try that. If you want to go the medium heat route, that s fine.

The trick is to learn how to cook them JUST enough, and not a moment more. Start with butter in the pan, and at first just push the eggs around. As they start to firm up, switch from pushing them around to trying to gather the eggs all into the center. At some point, start trying to fold the eggs over on themselves rather than stir. Once you can actually pick up the eggs and flip them as a single mass, they re almost done.

What I do is keep flipping them very frequently, so that the eggs only stay in contact with the pan for a few seconds at a time. You ll find that the eggs will go from seemingly undercooked to just about perfect in a single flip, so when that happens take them off the heat immediately and serve. Remember that eggs continue to cook off the heat so don t wait until its totally dry in the pan.

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