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why do my roses have brown edges

At just 1/25 inch long, Madrone and western flower thrips (Thrips madroni, Frankliniella occidentalis) have no trouble invading rose buds undetected. Thrips' pupae overwinter in leaf litter and grass, emerging in spring as yellow or black adults. Air currents transport them to the roses, where they burrow deep into the buds and petals to feed on pollen and sap.

Symptoms of their presence include petals with brown edges or spots. Misshapen buds open partially or not at all. Thrips also speckle the petals with black excrement. These pests pose the greatest threat in late spring and early summer, when the first flush of buds emerges.
Hello. I am basically a rose novice but I have planted several plants around my yard.

They appear to be growing well and are pretty healthy but every other bloom or so I have noticed that - when the buds begin to open and as they flower - the petals develop a thin dark brown edge along the outside. This is especially true on my white roses and my pink/cream roses. I was wondering if there was something I should be or could be doing for them to prevent this (ugly)?

I m in Northwest Oklahoma (to maybe give you some idea of the weather/water conditions). The roses are absolutely beautiful when this does not happen but when it does I see the ugly brown edgesfor the entire bloom cycle. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!

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