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why do my rose bushes have holes in the leaves

Rose slugs create distinctive windowpane-like damage to your rose foliage, with damage commonly appearing between spring and early summer. Small, rounded holes appear first, and eventually the entire leaf surface between the veins can disappear. Leafcutter bees can also cause significant damage to your rose bush, but damage begins at the leaf edge, with small circles appearing in the leaf margins.

The bees donвt eat the foliage as rose slugs do, but take it to make nests for their young. Leafcutter bees are actually beneficial pollinators of other crops, but they can burrow into the cut ends of rose canes to nest, which can cause the attached shoots to wilt and die. Damaged canes must be pruned below the areas of wilt and disposed of to prevent further damage.
In addition to eating leaves, beetles also eat rose flowers.

The rose chafer, a tan beetle about 3/8-inch long, feeds for about three to four weeks in spring. Pick beetles off the foliage or temporarily put tulle over valued rose bushes. The fuller rose beetle eats at night. This brown wingless weevil chews jagged holes and generally doesn t do lasting harm.

Put a 6-inch-wide band of sticky tape around the rose s trunk to keep them from the leaves. Colored metallic copper and green, 1/2-inch-long Japanese beetles can be plentiful in summer. Handpick them, dropping them into soapy water to drown. Japanese beetle traps can lower populations, but they should be at least 50 feet away from the roses.

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