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why do my ribs hurt after drinking alcohol

Your symptoms sound so familiar. I have battled the same symptoms for many years. The ER doctors assumed I was having pancreatitis attacks and would give me pain meds and send me home. After having multiple attacks last year and being hospitalized with malnutrition as the official diagnosis because I had lost over 30 lbs and blood tests confirmed it, I finally got to see a GI doctor that did more tests and the CT scan showed that I had a bowel obstruction and nothing wrong with my pancreas. I am not sure that this what was originally wrong with me because I had been having symptoms for several years. My theory is that the chronic nature caused the inflammation in my colon that resulted in the obstruction. I say this because the surgeon took out the inflamed colon section, about a foot and a half, and my symptoms are returning. I have not had any alcohol at all in over 2 years because of the intense pain and problems associated with it afterwards. So my guess is that the alcohol has only increased the severity in your case. I was on a mostly liquid diet before the surgery, which helped. I have now learned to stick to the liquids, even though I love to eat. Meat is a big trigger for me, as well as vegetables. There are lots of other good threads that can give you tips. The best I can tell you is to listen to your body and avoid the triggers. If it s only alcohol, then avoid it and be thankful that is the only one. I avoided it and it did not resolve. My experience has told me that even if the doctors say they have the answer, chances are that it is just a quick fix for the symptom and the problem is still there.

What I put in my body seems to be the biggest problem and or solution. I hope you find the answers and get some relief. Gastro problems are no picnic.
I have been having a discomfort on my right rib cage for the last 4 months. It all started when I was experiencing severe abdominal pain one day. The pain I was experiencing was right under my sternum. Very painful and sore. I went to see my doctor. Blood test were done and came back fine. Yet the pains were still there. A little bit of insight about myself. I m 42. I have been a heavy drinker for 20 years. I would drink a 12 pack of beer every other night. No hard alcohol. Not much of a Smoker. I do tend to smoke when I drink but if I m not drinking I smoke one cigarette before going to sleep. Aproximately 3 years ago I decided to change my habits. I started running daily. I went from 240 lbs to 195 in no time. Doing 5 miles a day 5 times a week. Kept my drinking down to twice a week. To me drinking is not a beer or two. I drink until the beer is gone. Usually a 12 pack or more. I had been feeling the best I have ever felt in my life. Running continuously and then I had a major catastrophe in my life that over stressed me and I was binge drinking for a week straight. Then my body said no more. My abdomen started to hurt. Right below my sternum and above my belly button. I eased of the alcohol and it went away.

A week later at a camping party I let loose. Had my fill of goodies and booze as well. The pain returned. Same place. Hard stabbing pains that wouldn t let me sleep. So I went to see the doctor. All blood tests came back fine. As a matter of fact the doctor told me I was in very good shape. He was not concerned with my pains. A few days later my pain was so severe I went back to my doctor and he sent me to a GI. I told my GI that I was worried it was my liver and after the tests he said my liver was fine. He also said my pancreas was fine except for a little fat in it it and all tests he did showed no problem other than I may have a mild case of gastritis. He then said that gastritis would not cause the kind of pain I have been experiencing so he sent me to see a pain doctor. The pain doctors gave me an epidural. Which didn t help. I went back to the GI which then gave me some anti acids and sent me on my way. I returned to the GI a week later with the same pains and then he prescribed me some Pantoprazole. It seemed to help but my pains persisted. I called my GI to make another appointment and he refused to see me. He told me that my problem was not GI related and I should go back to my GP. I was furious. My pain is in my stomach. I know it. I decided to go see a different GP and this new doctor seemed to care. He actually spent more time than needed. He listened to me and eventually told me that all the tests that had been done previously had been fine but he would like to do one more.

He had my poo analyzed and he concluded that my Pancras is deficient. The test came back just a little bit unde normal at 189, where 200 is normal. He said that the deficiency of the enzymes was the cause of my pain and constipation. Which makes sense. So he prescribed me some Creon. Which helped me have better bowel movements. Stinky stinky bowel movements. But now I still have the grawing pain on my right side. My tummy pains are gone but my right rib cage area still feels bad. I have pain in my upper right shoulder, stiff neck, my lower ribs feel like some one cut them open and poured salt all over them. A burning sensation that will not go away. pain right under my right arm pit in the rib area. I am very concerned that my liver is having issues and some how my doctors haven t found it yet. Although every time I see a doctor I tell them my past and how I feel that this may be my liver going out they don t seem concerned. I have obtained from alcohol. Yet the sensation is still there. If I keep my body moving while at work I tend to forget about it. But once I sit down the pain comes back. Is it in my head? For many years I struggled and told my self I had to stop. I would drink and felt guilty as I did. I know u have some liver issues but is my mind telling me something. I know the pain is real and I often get depressed and feel like I m gonna die soon. I am very concerned and confused. My doctors tell me I m OK. My body tells me I m not.

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