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Certain prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements can do a number on your gut, including turning your farts foul. The reasons they cause flatulence differ by drug, and how much they ll make you gas (and how badly that gas stinks) varies from one person to the next, explains doctor of pharmacy Oralia Bazaldua, professor of family and community medicine at UT Health San Antonio. БEach person, along with their provider, will have to weighбthe risks versus benefits of the offending agent,Б she says. People taking the weight loss medication orlistat commonly experience gas with oily discharge. Iron supplements are also known to cause gas and bloating. Supplements containing fiber can produce gas as a byproduct, and the diabetes drug metformin can also make you gassy. Diabetes drugs called alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, which slow carbohydrate absorption, can give you gasбtoo. But donБt use Beano with drugs in this class,бBazaldua says, because it can affect how well the medicine works. To get our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up for theб
There are a number of reasons why your farts smell bad.

In most cases, foul-smelling flatulence is associated with the foods you eat and an unbalanced diet. However, there can be more serious causes of rotten-smelling gas. 1. High-fiber foods Many can make you pass more gas. It takes longer for these foods to break down in your, so they ferment over time. High-fiber foods also sometimes smell, which means your farts may smell too. This is especially true with strong-smelling vegetables such as: Your gas may smell like rotten eggs because of the in fiber-rich foods. Sulfur is a natural compound that smells like spoiled eggs. Many vegetables are sulfur-based. If this is causing your flatulence, a simple change in diet will be sufficient treatment. 2. Food intolerance If you have a sensitivity or reaction to certain foods, your gas could have a foul odor. For example, people with canвt break down the carbohydrate lactose. As a result, it is fermented by bacteria in your gut. , or in its more severe form as, can also cause smelly farts. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease where there is an immune response to the protein gluten.

This leads to inflammation and injury in the intestine, leading to malabsorption. Flatulence can be a result of this. Other than bad-smelling flatulence, Talk to your doctor to get tests and determine if you have any food allergies or sensitivities that may be making your farts smell. 3. Medication Although uncommon, certain medications can cause smelly flatulence. kill off harmful pathogens in the body. They also destroy some of the good bacteria in your stomach, which aids digestion. Without this good bacteria, your gas may smell. You could also experience. Treatment for this cause involves changing medication, which you should not do without talking to your doctor first. 4. Constipation Constipation indicates that you have a, or poop, in your colon. If you canвt poop regularly, it can cause bacteria and odor to develop. The end result is foul-smelling and sometimes painful gas. Taking can be a simple home remedy for constipation. 5. Bacteria buildup and digestive tract infections When your body digests food, it extracts nutrients and sends them to the bloodstream.

The waste products are sent to the colon. Disrupting the digestion process can cause an overgrowth of bacteria. Some bacteria can cause infection in the and digestive tract. This may cause a higher volume of gas than normal and a strong-smelling odor. People with digestive tract infections also often have abdominal pain and. Visit your doctor to determine if you have a bacterial infection. If you do, they will prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection and get you well. 6. Colon cancer A more rare cause of smelly farts is. When or form in the digestive tract, it can cause a partial bowel obstruction, which results in gas buildup and bloating. If you begin to experience abnormal smelling gas and discomfort, and a change in diet or medication doesnвt affect your symptoms, call your doctor for full evaluation. They can determine whether a is warranted. Treatment for varies based on the stage of cancer. It can include surgery to remove tumors and to.

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