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why do my potatoes have black spots

We have a restaurant located in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We buy all of our restaurant needs from Performance Foodservice. We are currently buying your potatoes (approximately 15 to 20 cases per week). When our delivery comes (twice a week), our potatoes come in off the truck and appear to be in good condition, wet and cool from the humidity from a refrigerated truck. The potatoes temp between 50-55 degrees. It has been a very hot and humid summer here. Today, for instance, our heat index are in the triple digits. The potatoes appear to be solid and in good shape.

We bring them into the restaurant, we have a stored area under a window with a window air conditioner blowing right on them. We immediately foil wrap about 3/4 of them and put them back under the window until the potatoes are used. The air conditioner is set as low as it can go, but at times, it seems blows out warm-ish air. We use the potatoes within a week. When we take the potatoes over to start wrapping them, some of the potatoes have black spots on them (pictures attached). Some that appear to be good are wrapped and stored but when cooked they turn to mush and stink.

We do cook them in foil. We tried cooking them without foil but customers complained about them getting cold. It does get very hot in the kitchen. We have had to complain to our vendor on a weekly basis for the past 6-8 weeks. Do you feel it is something on the vendor s side or are we doing something wrong in our restaurant? Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated.
Do not confuse black spot with black dot. Black spot is the result of physical damage to the potato, whereas black dot is a disease that results in yellowing and wilting of the potato plant.

Small black dots of fungus appear on the plants, sometimes spreading to the potatoes themselves, and are often accompanied by silvery gray patches of discoloration on the outer skin of the potato. Potatoes infected with black dot are inedible and do not make it to market. If you harvest such potatoes from a home garden, they should be neither eaten nor composted to avoid spread of the disease.

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