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why do my pinworms keep coming back

I see some kids on here coming for adivce on how to treat pinworms so I wanted to write this. My daughter who is 12 just came to me and told me she has pinworms and has had them for awhile now (months) but she was to scared and embarrased to tell me and she thought they would go away on there own. When she figured out that they would not go away by themselves and she was scared for her health she came to me and told me she had them. She had two tiny pinworms on a piece of toilet paper after she had gone to the bathroom to show me and thats when I found this forum because I was doing research on how to treat pinworms. My advice for anyone who is not an adult reading this, is to not be afraid to tell your parents or an adult. This is very treatable and will go away with proper medication and good hygene. You will not be stuck with them forever, they will go away but hiding it and trying to treat it on your own will not work. I was not mad with my daughter at all, I was upset she didnt come to me sooner and she has had to live with them for as long as she did. You can get pimworms from anywhere, it doesnt mean you are dirty and you shouldnt feel ashamed if you have them. From my research they are very common to get, more common than lice. My daughter told me last friday, so that night I went to walgreens and got Reece s pinworm medicine, it is over the counter so you do not need a prescrition for it. She and I both took the medicine that night. even though I had no symptoms of pinworms it is recommened that everyone in the housetold take the medicine to avoid another outbreak of them.

Saturday morning I washed all the bed sheets and even disenfected her matress with wiping it down with disenfecting wipes and ran the sweeper on it. I disenfected and cleaned her room and ran the sweeper. I cleaned and disenfected the bathroom, toilet, sink ect. I even sprayed Lysol disenfecting spray around the rooms and carpets after I cleaned. that night 24 hours after taking the medication she said she saw only 2 pinworms in her stool and they were not moving. she told me she usually see s more than that and they are alive and moving. She has not seen or felt any more pinworms since then and its been a week since she took the medication. So the medicine worked for her. We will be taking another dose of the medicine next friday as it is recommended just in case some eggs were left that we didnt get, as the medicine only kills the worms and not the eggs and the eggs can live for 3 weeks in the enviroment that is why cleaning and proper hygene is VERY important even after you take the medication. Do not put your hand anywhere near or in your mouth, wash your hands after using the bathroom, before you eat anything ( you get pinworms by ingesting the eggs) do not scratch or itch your private areas, change your underwear everyday, clean your body everyday. My daughter likes to shower at night so when she wakes up in the morning I make her clean her private area very good and put on a new pair of underwear. female pinworms go out at night when you are asleep and lays her eggs in the cracks of your anus, so if you put vaseline or petrolium jelly on your anus it prevents the female from being able to lay her eggs.

I have had my daughter do that every night as well until we take our last dose of medication just to be on the safe side. Anytime we use the bathroom I wipe down the toilet, sink with disenfecting wipes. I am about to do another cleaning of her sheets and room today. Also dont keep your room dark, the eggs are sensitive to light so in the morning I make sure to open up all the blines and curtains and will pull the sheets down off the end of my daughters bed so the light hits where my daughter lays at night. I just use that as an extra precaution. I figured it doesnt hurt to try it. but so far she has been pinworm free ever since taking the medication (which I paid $8. 99 for the medicine, so its not expensive) and making sure she keeps her body clean and washes her hands after using the bathroom, before eating ect. And keeping her room and sheets clean. Please dont get discouraged. This is very treatable and will go away with proper medicine and hygene that is why it is very important to not be afraid to tell your parent or adult so they can help you get rid of the pimworms. I m so happy that my daughter just no longers has to suffer from them or feel afraid and embarrased.
Vermox is the most common prescription medicine used to get rid of pinworms. If you test positive for pinworms, chances are your doctor is going to give you a prescription for Vermox (otherwise known as mebendazole), the most common of all prescription drugs used to treat worm infections. Another prescription anti-worm drug is called Albenza.

It may be wise to ask your doctor or pharmacist which is least expensive because both are equally effective. Reese s Pinworm Medicine is a very common and very effective OTC pinworm treatment. If prescription medications aren t your thing, or they re too expensive, or you don t have insurance, there are plenty of over-the-counter pinworm medications available that are just as effective as their prescription cousins. The important thing is to treat each member of the family with pinworm medicine to ensure there isn t an recurring infections caused by a second, third, or fourth family member. To make sure you get rid of pinworms, wash your bedding and clothing regularly during and after pinworm treatments. Pinworms are an extremely contagious worm infection. The eggs can lay dorman for up to 2 weeks if they re kept at room temperature, and you ll find them just about everywhere. This is why it s important to clean anything and everything the infected person has come into contact with, which includes mopping floors to avoid kicking up dust that may contain worm eggs--causing yet another worm infection. To avoid getting pinworms again, make sure to wash your hands regularly. Washing your hands and keeping them away from your butt and the butts of others is probably the most effective way to avoid getting a pinworm infection. Pinworm eggs aren t a particularly resilient worm egg, and any anti-bacterial soap will usually insure a worm-free existence. Remember to wash your hands after visiting public places like schools, gyms, and any large institutions.

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