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why is it important to have respect

Respect is an essential part of human life. What we do when we respect someone is that we recognise their value. When you disrespect someone you are really do nothing other than saying to someone Бyou are not valuable. Б БYou are not worthy. Б
Respecting others is a silent way to express our feeling for them. ItБs an unspoken way of communication which builds unshaken and strong relations between people respecting each other. When a person shows respect for someone, then it means that the person has some value for him. His advice and suggestions are important for him. It is very important to respect one another in any relationship. It is impossible to have a harmonious relationship when one side judges the other side to be un-worthy. For any relationship to work there has to be an over-riding high regard for one another, even if there are disagreements.

How can you treat someone well when you feel they are unworthy and have no value? How can you be helpful to them when you feel they have nothing to add? How can you have a high opinion of someone who views you as unworthy and value-less? Some people think that showing respect is somehow degrading. They feel that the weak people show respect to the strong and powerful just because they are weak. This is a complete misunderstanding. It does not show weakness to see the value in others. It shows immense strength. It shows that someone is secure enough in their own value to be able to look out onto the world to see the value that is out there. It is also important to remember that respect is reciprocal. When you respect someone you will recognise the value in them. You will treat them in such a way that tells them you find them valuable.

The natural response on their behalf is to respect you in return. They will feel that this person really does add value to my life. They magnify what is good about me. They bring out the best in me. When you do this for someone they will view you as very valuable to them and they will develop a deep respect for you. If we are very deliberate about developing deep respectful relationship in our professional lives, what we are in effectб doing is cultivating alliances which can act as a lunch pad to maximise our own potential and the potential ofб the groups we are part of. We will all begin to view each other as valuable and will start adding value to each others lives. This is an emmensely valuable thing and is worth striving for. Workplace diversity is no longer confined to distinguishable physical characteristics or attributes.

Diversity includes generational differences and variances in work styles, differences between one employee's philosophy about work compared to the philosophy and values of another employee. To achieve a positive and collaborative workforce, employers should begin with training that promotes mutual respect and alignment of professional goals, in spite of personal differences. For example, an employee whose identity is defined by his position and status has a different perspective on the meaning of work than an employee who views his job as a way to sustain his lifestyle. However, they may have identical points of view concerning a commitment to performing quality work, which makes mutual respect all that more important. The distance between their philosophical views on work does not affect the manner in which they perform their jobs.

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