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why do my pdf files open in word

How do I stop Word from adding those. pdf files to the Taskbar pop up file list? I don't think you can. I see the same thing with Word 2003 in Windows 7. The difference, of course, is that Word 2003 can't actually open the PDFs, but they're still on the jump list. And if you right-click on an entry, there's no
Open with. option, either.

In Windows 7, however, there is an Open file location option, which opens an Explorer window; in that window, if you double-click on a PDF, it will open in Acrobat, Adobe Reader, or whatever other PDF reader you have designated as the default.

Hi By default your all word documents should not get converted to pdf unless they have not been converted. You can check your word document file type extension for example if they are still filename. doc or filename. docx then they are still word documents, it might be then you need to change the default program to open the word documents.

If all file that were supposed to be word documents and the file extension is filename. pdf then you can use Acrobat Pro XI to convert them back to word documents.

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