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why do people say gingers have no souls

Gingers have no souls because over time it was beaten out of them by condescending names, demoralising beatdowns and the humiliation from feeling different. Gingers have no souls because over time it was beaten out of them by condescending names, demoralising beatdowns and the humiliation from feeling different and inferior based on just the color of their hair by blondes and brunette s who think they are the normal ones. Gingers did in fact had a soul at an early time in their early childhood. However most souls were generally destroyed in the social developing years of 5-11 years old, that ends up affecting a majority of their lives afterwards.

There are very few in the world today who still do have a soul. Ed Sheerhan is one of them.
They walk the earth with hair more red than Arsene Wenger s face when Arsenal lost to Bradford, and skin so white it glows in the dark. They say each freckle upon their face represents another soul they ve taken. At 1-2% of the world s population, and 0% of the souls, Gingers are found in every race, sprouting up like carrot tops across the globe, but at what point did Gingers turn into soulless rejects of society? Well, let us first look back at the Romans. As they stormed across the kingdoms of every nation they ultimately found themselves at the Ginger Mecca, where the red head gene is still carried by half of the population, the British Isles.

As they came ashore they found themselves under attack by naked men, painted blue, with fiery red hair, and a reckless disregard for their own being. The Red Army was eventually overcome and the Roman conquered all. Anyways, this was the beginning of what has become gingerism : a prejudice against red heads (really exists). Flash forward to the medieval times where King Arthur and his merry men of Monty Python once galloped. It was an era of extreme superstition, and the birth of the legend of a soulless ginger.

With pale skin, and no sun screen, the red heads were easily burned by the sun, some even spontaneously bursting into flames (not really). The combo of staying indoors and hair that looks like fire gave Gingers the reputation of being Vampires, witches, or any other overall beastly creature used to scare children. And like that, it has stuck for generations passed down through tales of bloodsucking soulless gingers, magic witches or warlocks, leprechauns with fangs. Exploding modern day thanks to South Park But today, the pure blood line of gingers dwindling and the lines between all races being blurred yet a few SuperGingers still slip into society such as; When chuck Norris does push-ups, he actually pushes the world down A police officer once pulled chuck norris over. the cop got away with a warning.

Last monarch of the Tudor line, founder of what became the Church of England, and a full blown Ginger Finally, the person where my own Gingerosophy came from. my teammate and roommate: Will Monsour. Super athlete and freckled phenomenon, he was last yearвs leading scorer for National Champion Belhaven University and All American.

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why do they say gingers have no soul
why do they say gingers dont have souls
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why do they say gingers dont have souls