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why do the british hate margaret thatcher

Why did us brits hate Maggie Thatcher so much. well. She was horrible to the trade unions (the miners especially had reason to protest considering the awful conditions they went through. This would never be allowed in the UK today with all our health and safety stuff)
Privatization (The people were really against this back then. Many still are however they seemed to get ignored) I am sure you could look into it yourself and after 20 minutes see all the negatives. I also remember learning in politics class that she destroyed many of the constituencies of Labor supporter areas in turn reducing the amount of labor competition (less constituencies means less labor mp s it can also be seen as undemocratic). However I am not too sure on how true this is (as I was pretty stoned that day) By the way.

The conservative party didn t even have faith in her at the end which is why she was replaced with John Major Margaret Thatcher. why is she so hated? YOU will have no doubt noticed that many people HATE Margaret Thatcher. The Iron Woman s death has even enticed people to throw parties to celebrate her death. For someone from outside of the UK this can be a shocking sight, so let s explain why the death of one woman has polarised the nation. 1. She stole milk from children They tell you not to steal from children, but that didn t stop Margaret Thatcher. In the 70s she became Secretary of State for Education and Science and started to cut spending in schools, including abolishing free milk for school children. While this provoked a storm of attack, her supporters thought it was a good move which freed up cash for academic priorities. 2.

She sold everything off- privatisation Margaret Thatcher led the sale of many national industries from the public sector to the private one. Gas, water and electricity were all privatised and while this saw an improvement in performance it shaped the market we have today with ever-rising prices. 3. The Falklands The Falklands war in 1982 was a defining moment for Thatcher. This is a huge and complicated topic but criticism of the Iron Woman comes down to her handling of the war plan, the loss of life which totalled more than 250 British and even greater losses for the Argentinian people, as well as her prior neglect of the defence of the British-controlled region. 4. She labelled miners the enemy within Thatcher pushed to lessen the control of trade unions.

Eventually this anti-union sentiment boiled over in the miners strikes of the 80s. In the face of 20 mines forced closures and 20, 000 job cuts the miners went on strike. But the Iron Woman refused to meet with union leaders and was even famously quoted saying, We had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands. We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty. In the end more mines were shut, more jobs were lost and remaining mines were privatised. This is just a small insight into the mind-set of a Margaret Thatcher hater, but we hope it helps you to understand why some people are partying in the street. If you want to know more about Margaret Thatcher

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why do the irish hate margaret thatcher
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