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why do some men dress up as women

Has his crossdressing come as a shock? It is bound to come as a shock to discover that a man or boy who is close to you is wearing womenБs or feminine clothes. It is something that is not widely understood or accepted in society and as a result many people feel the need to keep it a secret, even from those close to them. However, It is more common than you might think, and most men who crossdress are not gay or bisexual. Nor are they perverted in any way. They feel a compulsion, a need to dress in a more feminine way. It is likely that these feelings were as confusing for them at the start as they might be for you now. They might have tried to stop or change them. The desire to crossdress is not something a person has control over, rather it is a part of their identity. Depending on the circumstances in which you have found out, you may be feeling an enormous amount of stress at the moment. It is important to remember that the man or boy in question is likely to have struggled with this as much as you are now and maybe for much longer. You may feel that you no longer know him? It is common for partners and family to question every aspect of the manБs behaviour after learning about his crossdressing. Those in shock can feel that because they were kept in the dark about it, there may be other things they have been БliedБ to about, or not told. You might feel that everything is different, but it is important for both of you that you try to resist those feelings for now. He needs your understanding and support and in turn, you need the same, I would like to be there for you. Because of the way that crossdressing is perceived in society it can be very difficult to open up to people about it, even to close family and friends. It is likely his feelings have developed over time and maybe initially, there was nothing to conceal.

Try to remember this is still the same person that you love, albeit, with some issues which may feel scary for you right now. Worried he is gay? This is a very common worry for partners. In fact most crossdressing men are heterosexual and have no interest in having sex with men. Often itБs not a sexual issue, but rather more to do with identity and gender. It is important therefore to not leap to any conclusions but to explore this as openly as you can, I can help you understand what is happening. Worried he no longer loves you or finds you attractive? For many, finding out a partner is crossdressing throws up many questions about how a future relationship would work. You might be wondering how it even could. It is very common to worry that your partner no longer feels the same way about you. As IБve said, understanding crossdressing can really help to reassure you. Most of the time this is about personal identity and doesnБt actually change the way your partner feels about you. It is entirely possible for couples to work through and understand these feelings together. I often work with couples to help them exchange and share feelings, and this can happen together or in separate sessions, with me helping to convey questions and answers between both. Should I ask him to stop? It is likely that in the long term he wonБt be able to. In most cases he will already have tried to stop, and is likely to be feeling a lot of guilt and worry, especially if this has been a secret for a long time. Instead a better approach is to talk through the feelings behind the behaviour, to understand it before you move on to talking about any actions that either of you should take. It can also be helpful to learn about what has worked for other families and couples, I can share experiences and what has worked well for other couples.
There are many different kinds of cross-dressing and many different reasons why an individual might engage in cross-dressing behavior.

Some people cross-dress as a matter of comfort or style, out of personal preference for clothing associated with the opposite sex. In this case, a person's cross-dressing may or may not be apparent to other people. Some people cross-dress to shock others or challenge. Gender disguise has been used by women and girls to as in society and by men and boys to pass themselves off as. Gender disguise has also been used as a in storytelling and is a recurring motif in literature, theater, and film. It is a common plot device in narrative. Historically, some women have cross-dressed to take up male-dominated or male-exclusive professions, such as military service. Conversely, some men have cross-dressed to escape from mandatory military service or as a disguise to assist in political or social protest, as men did in the. may require cross-dressing, as with 's project. Single-sex theatrical troupes often have some performers who cross-dress to play roles written for members of the opposite sex ( ). Cross-dressing, particularly the depiction of males wearing, is often used for comic effect onstage and on-screen. is a special form of performance art based on the act of cross-dressing. A is usually a person who performs as an exaggeratedly feminine character, in heightened costuming sometimes consisting of a showy dress, high-heeled shoes, obvious make-up, and. A drag queen may imitate famous female film or pop-music stars. A is a female-assigned person employing the same techniques. A is a counterpart of the drag queen but usually for much different audiences, and is defined as a female-assigned person who adopts a masculine persona in performance or imitates a male film or pop-music star.

Some female-assigned people undergoing also self-identify as drag kings although this use of "drag king" would generally be considered inaccurate. A is a person (typically a male) who cross-dresses as part of a. The term underdressing is used by male cross-dressers to describe wearing female undergarments under their male clothes. The famous low-budget film-maker said he often wore women's underwear under his military uniform during World War II. Some people who cross-dress may endeavor to project a complete impression of belonging to another gender, including mannerisms, patterns, and emulation of. This is referred to as passing or "trying to pass" depending how successful the person is. An observer who sees through the cross-dresser's attempt to pass is said to have read or clocked them. There are videos, books, and magazines on how a man may look more like a woman. Female masking is a form of cross-dressing in which men wear that present them as female. Sometimes either member of a heterosexual couple will cross-dress in order to arouse the other. For example, the male might wear skirts or lingerie and/or the female will wear boxers or other male clothing. (See also Others may choose to take a mixed approach, adopting some feminine traits and some masculine traits in their appearance. For instance, a man might wear both a and a. This is sometimes known as. In a broader context, crossdressing may also refer to other actions undertaken to pass as a particular sex, such as (accentuating the male crotch bulge) or, the opposite, (concealing the male crotch bulge).

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