why do rabbits dig holes in the lawn

If you allow your domestic rabbit to go into the yard for monitored play sessions, her hole digging habit doesn't have to end the fun. You can do things that can stop her from wreaking havoc on your yard with her digging. Offer your bunny a designated spot for digging. A sand pit, for example, can be highly effective. If your rabbit can enjoy digging in her special pit, she might not feel so compelled to do anything else in other parts of your yard -- phew.

If you want to manage her digging needs indoors, grass mats can usually take care of these urges.
Rabbits sometimes live in warrens, also known as dens, unlike hares like jackrabbits, which do not live in burrows. Cottontail warrens are usually borrowed from other animals such as woodchucks, according to Penn State Agricultural Sciences.

The warrens consist of several tunnels with many exit and entry holes for quick escape. In each warren there are places for babies, living, bathroom and sleeping. Just like most humans, rabbits are particular about keeping an organized and clean home. Often times, such an underground home results in sink holes or a destroyed lawn.

Rabbits usually live in small groups and will cover a span of 10 acres of living space. Cottontails who can t find an existing warren will use any source of coverage they can find. Often this results in having rabbits living in garages, wood piles, compost piles, or anywhere that they can find coverage and protection from predators.

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