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why do our own farts smell good

My first impression upon reading this was What a ridiculous question. Then, it struck me that I felt similarly myself. Let's get one thing clear though - I don't think my own farts smell good. It's just that I don't find them as disgusting as I would other people's (well, most of the time). In contrast, my reaction upon smelling someone else's fart is almost always:
You are used to it: How often you smell someone else's fart depends on your relationship to that person. However, you do smell one person's farts far more often than anyone else's - your own! And as with any offensive smell, you become accustomed to it over time - spend 8 hours in an uncleaned toilet, and you won't find the smell bad any more. Another reason for this is that the bacteria living within each person's body (which affects the smell of your farts) is as unique as a fingerprint - and you are subconsciously used to this smell.

You are ready for it: You know that you are going to fart before you do so. While there are situations where anticipation of an event is worse than the actual event itself (such as the fear during some amusement park rides), in most cases, anticipating something reduces the magnitude of your reactions to that thing. In contrast, you get no warning when someone else is about to fart (they are probably praying you won't notice or that it won't be too smelly). Evolutionary: I have covered this below. Confirmation Bias: Unlike your own farts, of which you smell each one, you only notice a fart in public (or someone else's fart) when it stinks. Preference: Similar to the first point above.

The more used you are to something (anything), the more you would prefer it. Evolution: What is the difference between a good smell (like flowers) and a bad one (farts or urine)? Nothing - these are just different smells. The reason we find some smells bad is because our brains have evolved to react with disgust to the smells of thing which are major disease vectors - things such as vomit or rotting carcasses. The greater the risk of disease, the more offensive you would find the smell. As the video states (this was a surprise for me), farts transmit pathogens which are responsible for some diseases like scarlet fever. Additionally, you have evolved to perceive smells generated by your own body as less offensive in order to help you maintain your personal hygiene - imagine if you found the smell of your feces as unbearable as that of someone else's.

Psychology: Apparently, studies have found that more anxious or conservative people are more sensitive to smells than others. Expectation: Similar to the 2nd point above. I hope you enjoyed reading it! In blind smell tests, scientists have confirmed that we truly do find the smell of our own farts more appealing than the farts of others. But itБs not because weБre all huge creeps. б As humans, we're more likely to prefer something thatБs familiar to us - whether itБs a song, an old blanket, or a smell - than something that isn't. And because the bacterial population thatБs responsible for producing our various smells is entirely unique from every other fart-producing bacterial population, our farts truly have a one-of-a-kind brand that our noses can differentiate. б So it makes sense that weБre not typically bothered by our own odours, but why is it so difficult to be around other peopleБs?

БFrom an evolutionary perspective, a reaction of disgust to other peopleБs odour is likely our brainБs attempt to prevent us from doing harm to our own bodies,Б, Бspecifically, interacting with sources of disease. Б Think about it - most sources of bad odour arenБt particularly good for you, whether itБs excrement, rotting food, vomit, or milk past its use-by date. And the higher the risk that you could contract a disease from the source, the more intense your natural disgust levels with be. But wait, does that mean farts can spread disease? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Watch б above to find out how. Source:б

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