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why do people put mustaches on their fingers

Columbus, OH Tattoo Artist Giovani,
Fingerstache is a photo meme in which the participants draw mustaches on their index fingers and place the finger under the nose to give the effect of a comically removable mustache. While most people simply draw the moustache (or mustache) on their fingers, this practice originated from the finger moustache tattoo; the invention of Columbus Ohio-based tattoo artist Giovani.

Giovani recounts how the idea of tattooing a mustache on a finger came to him in the following Youtube video with. Although the practice, people with these tattoos shared the pictures on their various social networking profiles, where the practice spread, and spawned imitators who would rather draw the fingerstache with temporary ink. is a Ning social network dedicated to both drawn and tattooed fingerstaches.

As of December 16th, 2009, there are. There are also 71 groups for the alternate spelling. There are far fewer groups dedicated to fingerstaches on Flickr than on Facebook, although there are found on the site. Additional information on the fingerstache is available on, and. Google Insights reveals that the majority of search queries began in early 2006. As always, Google Insights trends are not to be interpreted as the origin of the meme, but instead reflect how Бsearched forБ a term is, which indicates public interest in the meme.

Known as the "fingerstache" tattoo, this design is inked on the index finger and then held up between the lips and nose to give the appearance of a mustache on the wearer. All you need is a good design, proper placement on your finger, and some practice with a few funny faces.

Whether it's a temporary or permanent fingerstache tattoo, it is sure to be a hit at any social event when you include all the things that make it so enjoyable to those seeing it. While there are a variety of finger mustache designs, by far the most popular is the handlebar, with the curly tips pointing up. Others are long and thin while others still are shorter and thicker.

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