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why do some fruits have more seeds than others

I think that s like asking Why can t an arm instantly be a functioning arm? Arms and legs are complex structures that take time to fully develop. Likewise, fruits are complex things that can t just instantly appear fully developed, or ripe. Moreover, fruit are really little more than a vehicle for seed dispersal, and the seeds themselves need time to develop.

My roundabout answer may merely dodge the questions - but I suspect the answer may be that it would be counterproductive for fruit to ripen before 1) the seeds are developed, or 2) the proper conditions for seed dispersal exist.
Interesting thought!!! We always assume there is logic in evolution or adaptation (whichever you prefer)lol Seems to me the only true reality of all life is diversity.

No matter what aspect of life you look at there is another life form doing the same thing in another way.?? So why hasn't the Best method won the game?? If most effective was the key then the most effective would have covered the earth so there eventually would be far less diversity over time??

A casual glance at fossils says just the opposite not to mention a trip to a rain forest? As to seed disperal nothing has been eliminated but boy is it diversified?? lol One seed many seeds which works best?? All you can arrive at ARE generalizations

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