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why do people protest on may day

This is a more complicated question. Originally, May Day was an ancient pagan holiday celebrating the start of summer. In Gaelic traditions,
(or the Anglicized "Beltane"). As time went on, different groups adapted the celebration to their specific cultures or beliefs. Europeans and Americans often celebrate in a more secular manner with diversions like and flower crowns. (That certainly lends a bit of cultural context to all the young women breezing around summer music festivals this time of year with giant daisies on their heads. ) SEATTLE -- May Day in the Pacific Northwest, celebrated for workers' rights and to commemorate the 1886 Haymarket affair, doesn't always go as planned. Largely peaceful protests are by violence. Last year in Seattle, were injured and nine protesters were arrested as rocks flew. Seattle police are, and gearing up to handle marchers in case they turn violent. But they are hoping the peaceful marches -- of which there are many -- prevail. Along with knowing May Day doesn't always go as planned, Seattleites know the day can gum up roadways and clog commutes.

Below is a map and listPof marches and other events announced for May Day. It's not a full list. If there are events we don't have, please send a note to tips@q13fox. com. 18th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights -- PTraditionally the largest march in Seattle on May Day. Marchers will gather at Judkins Park and Playfield at 11 a. m. , and the march will begin at 1 p. m. The march will end at the Seattle Center, where cultural performances are planned. The event is expected to wrap up around 6 p. m. Veteran Anti-War FormationP -- Veterans and anti-war activists are gathering at 8:45 a. m. at the Garden of Remembrance in Seattle to encourage an end to wars. According to the group's Facebook page, attendeesPare "calling for a morning formation of veterans and anti-war activists to hold a vigil for our working class brothers and sisters who have been lost to unjust wars and the lives of the people those wars have affected" May Day March Seattle -- Led by the activist group Anonymous, aPgathering is scheduled from 1 a. m. to 10 p. m. at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park.

From the group's Facebook page -- "Anonymous Stands In Solidarity With The Occupy Movement In Call For The May Day General Strike As Well As The May day March. " Black Lives Matter March -- March begins at 10 a. m. near the intersection of 23rd Avenue and Union Street. From the group, "This May day we strike against Racism and the many forms it comes in - we strike against Gentrification, police brutality, unfair treatment in the workplace, Racism, racial profiling, our racist criminal justice system and other forms of racism. " March on Amazon -- Slated to begin at 11 a. m. at Westlake Park, the march will go to the Amazon Headquarters in South Lake Union. From the event's Facebook page, "On May 1st, 2017, we are calling on all interested and affected parties to converge on Westlake Park to march on Amazon HQ in South Lake Union.

We will rally at 11 AM and march at noon to deliver four demands to Amazon and its CEO. " 2nd March on AmazonP - A second March on Amazon is slated to begin around 2 p. m. , and it's in support of SIS security officers seeking to form a union. May 1st Day of ResistancePat UW P-- A rally is slated for 11 a. m. at the University of Washington's Red Square. From the group's Facebook page, "May Day is shaping up to be a powerful day of resistance both at UW and in the larger Seattle community! " The group is expected to join with other marches later in the day. P P May Day AntiCapitalist March -- Slated to begin at 6 p. m. at Westlake Park. From the group's Facebook page, "May Day is International Worker's Day all around the world. It is a time to remember those who sacrificed their lives to give workers less hours, better pay, and safer working conditions. " King County Juvenile Detention Center Protest - Expected to begin at 6 p. m. at Westlake Park.

May Day AntiFascist March -- Begins at 6 p. m. at Judkins Park. Stand Against Communism -- Scheduled to begin at 4 p. m. near Pacific Place. From the group's Facebook page, "Traditionally every year - May 1st is a day that Communist and Antifa run wild through downtown Seattle trying to intimidate police and intimidate freedom loving Americans. this year they will find people who have a different point of view. " Climate Justice Contingent Pre-Rally -- Slated to begin at 10 a. m. at Judkins Skatepark in the 2100 block of South Judkins Street. From the Facebook page, "A short pre-rally and program of speakers on the intersections of Climate Justice with Immigrant and Workers Rights. " Westlake P Center will close at 4 p. m. - For the safety of tenants and customers, the popular shopping mall will close at 4 p. m. Evening classes canceled at Seattle Central Community College --P beginning at 5 p. m. or later on May 1 will be canceled on the main campus.

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