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why do people participate in extreme sports

БItБs a sense of identity,Б says Mayers. БThe triathlon is not a sport that is crammed full of people. There are only a handful of people who have the ability to train for and accomplish this feat. Б
While competing in a group of elite athletes may bring money, fame, and glory, most importantly to some, it also brings a healthy dose of respect. БSkiing down from the top of a mountain where a helicopter drops you off alone, or jumping out of planes, I have a feeling those people have a sense of identity and that identity is important to them because they feel that earns them respect,Б Mayers tells WebMD. БCaring for athletes as I do, my own personal opinion is that the most important desire they have is for respect.

Б When it comes to extreme sports, the adrenaline factor likely plays a role in explaining why athletes reach for the outer limits as well. An Бadrenaline rushБ occurs when the adrenal gland is stimulated through an activity that causes stress on the body, and certainly extreme sports, such as backcountry snowboarding and bungee jumping, fall into the category of causing stress. According to the University of Maryland Endocrinology Health Guide, the stimulation of the adrenal gland releases a number of hormones, including, or adrenaline. This increases the and the force of, facilitates flow to the muscles and, causes relaxation of smooth muscles, and helps with the conversion of glycogen to glucose in the.

For extreme athletes, this adrenaline rush is a feeling that canБt come often enough. БA lot of extreme athletes report that they are seeking that rush,Б says Anderson. БTheyБre looking for those sensations they get from putting their life on the line. Б ItБs a feeling that canБt be duplicated in any other activity, and for many, explains Anderson, itБs a true sense of feeling alive. БThe emotion that the adrenaline feeds in to is a heightened sense of being alive,Б Anderson tells WebMD. БAll your senses are in an acute level of awareness, and itБs that fight or flight response.

They either do it and live -- or they die. That is what they are playing in to, and that is a very primitive thing that is going on. Б When the human body undergoes intense stress, the adrenal gland responds by releasing hormones, such as adrenaline, that increase blood flow and boost the heart rate. This is what extreme sports enthusiasts call an "adrenaline rush," and it can become addictive to certain people. However, the adrenaline rush cannot be achieved by performing the exact same action over and over again.

Extreme athletes pursue the adrenaline rush by continually increasing the challenge and danger presented by their chosen sports. A marathon runner, for example, might not receive the same adrenaline rush after his or her third marathon, so he or she might move on to training for a triathlon to increase the rush and perpetuate the experience. An adrenaline rush is often accompanied by intense euphoria, or excitement. For many extreme sports enthusiasts, competition is a minor component of the attraction. Instead, they "compete" against themselves because they find fulfillment in reaching the goal of the event rather than "beating" their opponents.

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