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why does my dog drink out of the toilet

Dogs are scavengers by nature. Itвs a trait inherent in their genes and goes back thousands of years. Some of us like to think of them as hunters and survivalists, but theyвre really not. Scavenging for food is a trait which our domesticated dogs continue to exhibit. Notice your dog getting into the garbage, sniffing out the kitchen counter, hanging out around the grill, retrieving a morsel of food he found under the couch? Well, heвs scavenging for food. That he quenches his thirst from a source other than the bowl of water you lay out for him is no surprise. There are other reasons for a dog preferring toilet water. First, understand that a dog doesnвt view the world the same way we do. His value system and perception of good and bad and right or wrong are different from ours. Even if dogs were somehow aware of what we do on the toilet bowl, itвs of little relevance to them.

In fact, itвs not relevant at all. To them, drinking from the toilet is not disgusting. Second, toilet bowl water is always cool and actually sanitary, provided that the bowl is clean. Fresh, cold toilet water is preferred to room temperature water. Also, the water we serve them, which may lie around for hours, sometimes has bits of food that collect in stagnant water. Add to this the fact that water which sits in a bowl of metal or plastic can taste like that material, and you could very well have a dog that will fall in love with toilet water. Third, the bathroom itself can be a safe, comfortable, and cool space for many dogs. With the natural spring of the toilet and the relaxing atmosphere of the bathroom, itвs like a freakinв spa for a dog.

Having said all that, the most compelling reason why a dog should not drink out of the toilet is all of the chemicals that are used in the average household to clean a toilet. For that final reason alone, it would be best to close the lid and avoid your dog slurping away at the natural spring that is your toilet.
Let s face it dogs have some pretty gross habits, and drinking out of the toilet is one of them. But why do dogs drink from the toilet, even when we tell them not to? The simple answer is that the water in the toilet bowl is often than the water in your dog s water bowl. To us, toilet water is gross and full of germs. But to dogs, toilet water is refreshing. The toilet gets flushed at least five times a day, or more, depending on how many people live in the house. The constant flushing oxygenates the water, and the porcelain bowl keeps the water cool.

Dogs don t understand what humans use the toilet for. And even if they did, they probably wouldn t stop drinking from the toilet. After all, many dogs do, so the toilet water isn t going to gross them out. So how can you stop your dog from drinking from the toilet? Well, you need to make the water in his water bowl more appealing. Wash the water bowl and fill it with fresh water at least twice during the day. You could also keep the toilet lid down or try keeping the bathroom door closed. You might also want to try putting out water in different types of bowls to see whether your dog has a preference. He may find the water in a plastic bowl unappealing, but like the water in a ceramic bowl. You can also try stainless steel, though glass is probably not a good idea.

Another technique you can try is purchasing a. Fountains continuously circulate and oxygenate water, so it stays fresh throughout the day. Many dogs (and cats) prefer to drink from these fountains than from stagnant water bowls. If you re having trouble breaking your dog s toilet drinking habit, should you be concerned that the toilet water will harm him? Depending on the cleanliness of the toilet tank and bowl, toilet water is actually pretty clean, and dogs digestive systems are much better than ours at killing harmful bacteria, so the chances of your dog getting sick from germs in the toilet are low. Toilet cleaners, however, are potentially toxic to dogs. So if there is any chance your dog will drink from the toilet, be sure to flush the toilet thoroughly after scrubbing it.

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