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why do my muscles shake when i stretch

The contractions in your muscles are regulated partially by chemicals called electrolytes. These electrolytes ensure that your muscle fibers contract and relax efficiently. Sweating, dehydration or a poor diet can mean your body is low in electrolytes, and this may cause your muscles to shake while you stretch and may even cramp up. One of the main electrolytes responsible for muscle contractions is potassium -- commonly found in bananas. Eating a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruit and drinking enough water helps ensure your body is adequately supplied with potassium and the other all-important electrolytes.
Hey Grump, I get that alot.

Especially the yawning one. I found out the hard way that you better not have a cup of coffee in your hand when you yawn "hard". I did that at work, you know one of those wide open mouth yawns, and then I started the shaking and my coffee went everywhere. I also get it in my legs when I get up from sitting at my computer for a half hour or so.

It feels like I've been on an 8 hour road trip and my first few steps look like something. well I don't know, but it's spastic. I don't normally get that way from stretching, but I'm sure it's coming. I'm like Robbie in that the dope works allright for the post yawn shakes, but I've never tried anything else so I can't help you there. It's good to hear you are still working.

If I remember correctly you were having some issues with deciding what to do there a while back. I hope you find what you are looking for, and if you do, make sure you pass it on. I also have access to Valium since I take it in really small doses (2. 5 mg every 6 hours) to help with my bladder. But I also won't take more than that at work. There is no worse feeling when you are already feeling inadequate in your endurance at work than to be zonked out.

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