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why do people on tumblr hate nickelback

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Many people БhateБ Nickelback to look cool.

However, I do have a few legitimate reasons behind the hate to the band *Nickelback sticks to one formula most of the time.

Their hits How You Remind Me, Someday, and SavinБ Me seemed to follow the same styleБother songs like Photograph, Far Away, If Everyone Cared, and If Today Was Your Last Day also feels the same. The band rarely tries other things differently, and that caused people who already hate one of their songs to hate them all *Downfall of lyricism. Early Nickelback albums were decent (not excellent) in lyricsБbut on their 4th album The Long Road, they released a hard rock single БFigured You OutБ which was more sexually explicit. Suddenly by the time we hit Dark Horse, thereБs a huge ton of sexual/partying songs. Most bands I know tend to mature in lyricism, away from sex/partying as time goes on, but Nickelback went in reverse. *The bands that followed. ThereБs been a ton of other bands that became popular thanks to Nickelback, the biggest names include Theory of a Deadman (also from Canada and discovered by Chad Kroger himself), Saving Abel, and Hinder.

A few others like Puddle of Mudd, Three Days Grace (also from Canada but is more lenient towards hard rock/alt metal) and Seether also jumped aboard, contributing to an already oversaturated genre. And the songs they released followed the same trend as Nickelback, leading to more backlash. Theory of a Deadman managed to literally come out even more mysogomist than Nickelback on their sex/partying songs and Hinder combined the worst of hair metal and post-grunge into one package. *The Dark Horse album. This album was apparently created in pro tools and FL Studio with no instrumentsБand this is a rock album with no electronic influences. There is no need to create a rock album on the computer without guitars or drums. The Foo Fighters recently created their latest album Wasting Light in a garage with no electronics or mixing (in other words, the old fashioned wayБplay the whole song live in a garage, and take the best run for the album). *Finally, radio overplay.

And this is also the reason why people end up hating a lot of songs and bands. A lot of songs I ended up having issues with were because they got overplayed, and many rock stations kept playing Nickelback again and again (top 40/adult contemporary formats also did the same thing with their poppy songs). People get sick of them really quickly. Internet radio has not been friendly as well, often relying on playing their singles more often than their lesser known album cuts. The fun part is, Chad Kroger doesnБt care about his haters. In fact, he knows there are people that hate his music. He takes the criticism, and keeps on playing music with Nickelback (wellБexcept that one video that we all know by now where Chad gets hit by a rock).

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