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why do people not like school uniforms

May 1, 2012 - 8:51am Б ehightower126
Students should not have to wear uniforms. We should have a say in the decision about wearing school uniforms. Most student at South Bronx Prep think that we shouldnБt have to wear school uniforms if we donБt want to. Even Ms. Melara, the assistant principal at our school, said,БI hated uniforms as a kid. Б Uniforms are expensive. Acorrding to Usatoday. com stated that parents are upset about their kids having to wear to school uniforms,due to parent circumstances. Some parents canБt afford uniforms for their child since they have to buy regular clothes too.

Students do not like wearing the same shirt and pants every day. They donБt want to all look the same. When kids wear uniform they worry more about what they look like in uniforms than they do in regular clothes. In your regular clothes you are comfortable and feel good about how look. Students say that uniforms are uncomfortable and dull. Michael, a 12 year old student at South Bronx Prep says, Б school uniforms are not meant for us if its not meant for the teachersБ. He thinks it is unfair that we have to wear uniforms when teachers donБt. To me this is saying that why we have to wear uniforms if teachers donБt have to them.

Some adults think uniforms are necessary. I asked three parents how they feel about their childrenБs school uniforms. They all stated that uniforms are good for schools and the student. SchoolБs say that school uniforms prevent gang violence. Uniforms encourages discipline, help students resist peer pressure to wear trendy clothes. However, according to The San Francisco Gate article, БStudies Divided on Effects of UniformsБ, David Brunsma an associate professor of sociology at the University of Missouri- Columbia has written books that state that there is no connection between uniforms and student safety.

Wearing uniforms should be optional to the parents and the child. Our voice should be heard in the decision on wearing school uniforms. Ms. Flanagan now you should change your mind about having me or anybody in this school having to wear uniforms. Last month, a one-question Scantron survey asked respondents to agree or disagree with the following statement: Harford County Public Schools students should be required to wear a school uniform. While most of the grown-ups (teachers, administrators and more than half of the parents) agreed, only 22. 1 percent of the students who actually responded to the survey marked yes.

You mean, kids don't want to wear khakis and dress shirts everyday?!? Granted there are legitimate complaints about the questionable wardrobe choices of teenagers. Guys wear their pants so low, why even bother wearing pants at all? And there are girls who've clearly gotten their fashion inspiration (regrettably) from. The school system sent out about 60,000 forms and had about 28,600 forms returned. A presentation about the survey will be made Monday night at HCPS AA. Roberty Building.

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