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why do terrestrial planets have meager atmospheres

33. 1) Meteorite craters are more common on the Moon because erosion has removed most of them
from Earth's surface. 2) There was more debris in the early solar system colliding with the various bodies. Since the moon solidified before the Earth, these early collisions left craters on the moon, but not on the Earth. 3) Earth's atmosphere burns up much of the debris before it can hit the Earth. 4) Vegetation has grown over some craters. 5) Craters may be under the ocean were we cannot see them or they have already been removed by the action of the ocean.

After August 24, 2006 Pluto (formerly the ninth planet) was downgraded to a Dwarf Planet as well as the 10 discovered in 2003 and initially named 2003 UB313. What makes these two planets Dwarfs as compared to the eight regular planets of our Solar System? What makes Ceres different from the other Dwarf Planets: Pluto, and? Your instructor will either choose three questions of the following or they will be circled on the paper.

If he chose only one, then you may chose two. If he circles two, then you may one. You write a short answer for 4-4-4 points each (Write on back if necessary): (#2) What are the three types of materials thought to make-up the planets? How are they different? How does their distribution account for the density differences between terrestrial and planetary groups? atmospheres, planets?? (#5) Briefly outline the history of the Moon (in six parts). (#7) Venus has been referred to as Earths Twin. In what four ways are these two planets similar?

How do they differ (describe two)? (#14) What is distinctive about Jupiters satellite Io? similar (list at least three)? What eventually becomes of comets that orbit too close to the Sun? (#23) What are main sources of Meteoroids (List three)?

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