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why do my muscles get fatigued so quickly

-are you doing JUST one area? Many muscle groups use two together: biceps and back work together in pulling motions, triceps and chest work together in pushing motions, your abs and lower back are connected, legs you can do by themselves since it's your lower half - but balance hamstrings, glutes and quads. Then calfs as well. -if you only do one group, like arms (bi's and tri's) or shoulders, you may wear them out early. -make sure you get lots of rest. -make sure you eat a good pre-workout meal. Carbs give you energy, so make sure your meal has a good amount. Maybe take a multi-vitamin if you don't. We get our food from energy, if you aren't eating good food pre-workout you won't have the energy to lift. -If you're new, i'd recommend starting with full body workouts 3-4 times a week.

When you get passed your newb gains after about 3-4 months, you could switch to a split-routine workout targetting two muscle groups a day.
these 4 body parts which for me are the most important to build on: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Biceps. That's a silly way to think. Your chest and your shoulders make up a small part of your upper body. Your back makes up a massive percentage of your upper body. Your lats are what make your upper body wider, and your traps/upper back are more noticeable from the front than from the back.

If you want to have a muscular upper body you NEED to train your back, you just won't look good if you don't. Not to mention the fact that if you neglect your back you WILL develop a strength imbalance and most likely give yourself some injuries. And don't get me started on training your legs. Simply put, you must. It makes no sense whatsoever not to, the benefits are all there, written about millions of times. Just do it! Sorry i forgot to mention that i do my back and legs i don't neglect anything! When i said it's important for me, i meant as in those are the parts where i have bad muscle fatigue For each body part i do 4 exercises. Day 3 is the easiest for me where i don't have a fatigue problem and i exercise for 1 and a half hours.

Im going to do shoulders and biceps tomorrow but i know im gonna have that fatigue problem. I eat 1 or 2 hours before i workout and an hour after as well. I drink 400ml of water with my meal before i go gym and 400ml of water with my meal after gym. And during my workout about 1 litre. So i know my body is hydrated. If i have lucozade sport while i workout or anything like that will that help my muscle fatigue? (i prefer to stick to a natural diet though). I was told it was because of lactic acid or something like that, anyway for me to improve on that maybe?

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