why do opiates make it hard to urinate

This post is a summary of many other posts I have read dealing with not being able to pee on. hopes this will help. Step 1 : DON T PANIC в seriously, you will pee eventually. I am writing this after having spent four hours sitting on the toilet literally praying for piss to come out. (witch it did, thank God. )
Step 2 : Stop taking all drugs. At least for the time being. Once you have pissed, feel free to continue using, but if you are determined to take that piss, take a break from the dope. Step 3 : Sitting down is better than standing. I found alternating between sitting and standing can help get out little squirts. Step 4 : Turn on a tap. The sound of running water will help. To kill two birds with one stone, turn on the hot water tap, and once the water is warm, rub some on your genitals. The warmer the better, but obviously don t burn yourself. Don t forget to DRINK a lot of water. Step 5 : Leaning forward to touch your toes can help, or just make things more painful.

Step 6 : Find something to do to occupy the time, like listen to music or something. You may be there for a while. When you do piss (witch you will, don t worry) there are three ways it could happen: a) One drop at a time в by far the most infuriating, but at least it s something. b) Short, random squirts в fairly self explanatory, the duration of the squirts can vary. c) You get touched by the hand of God and suddenly, without warning, you take the most amazing piss of your entire life в You will know if this happens to you. It will most likely happen to you in that order. WHEN TO GO TO A HOSPITAL: a) You have drunk a SHITLOAD of water. b) It has been 24+ hours since your last piss. c) during those 24 hours you did not take any more. d) You are in extreme pain. e) the thought of getting a catheter stuck up your urethra doesn t freak you out.

I have had a catheter before (unrelated to use) so speaking from experience it s NOT THAT BAD. It s still pretty horrible, but not nearly as much as you imagine it would be. It s hard to describe. it s not so much painful as it is uncomfortable. Though it should be noted the amount of pain you experience will be decided by how good the doctor/nurse is at what they are doing. If it is obvious that you are a user, they may feel like they don t need to treat you as gently as normal patients. Avoid this by telling them a friend gave you a ciggarete that was laced with, and you had no idea (or some other lie. ) Be sure to tell them you have a very low pain tolerance, or an dissorder or anything like that to score sympaty points. You may be tempted to take more before seeing the doctor to take the edge off, but I have no idea if thats a smart thing to do. also highly recomends watching a video of someone getting a catheter so you know what to expect.

Tramadol is a synthetic analog of the phenanthrene alkaloid codeine and, as such, is an opioid and also a prodrug (codeine is metabolized to morphine, tramadol is converted to M-1 aka O-desmethyltramadol). Opioids are chemical compounds which act upon one or more of the human opiate receptors. The euphoria, addictive nature and respiratory depression are mainly caused by the Mu( ) 1 and 2 receptor. The opioid agonistic effect of tramadol and its major metabolite(s) are almost exclusively mediated by the substance s action at the -opioid receptor. This characteristic distinguishes tramadol from many other substances (including morphine) of the opioid drug class, which generally do not possess tramadol s degree of subtype selectivity. One last comment and I will shut up LOL As someone said here this drug is not a scheduled drug. Any narcotic that I know of is a scheduled drug of one sort or another.

I believe the reason for that is what is said above. It doesn t work on the receptors that cause euphoria so there is no need to schedule it. I have no problem with that and if they could make a pain reliever that works for those of us that need 24/7/365 relief that stayed the heck away from those receptors that produce euphoria, most of us here would be tickled pink. Unfortunatly for most of us there is nothing on the market yet. The fact of the matter is that slightly under 10% of the people that take narcotics for pain control become pyscologically addicted. Typically they are the same kind of people that tend to get addicted to other things as well,like cigaretts, alcohol. hopefully at some point we will be able to identfiy those people before they get started on narcotics and resolve a lot of the issues surrounding taking narcotics for chronic pain. Steve.

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