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why do only orange smarties have a flavour

of, England, have been making "Chocolate Beans" since at least 1882. The product was renamed "Smarties Chocolate Beans" in 1937. [ ) so adopted the "Milk Chocolate in a Crisp Sugar Shell". Later, the sweet was rebranded as "Smarties". Smarties in the UK were traditionally sold in cylindrical cardboard tubes, capped with a colourful plastic lid usually having a letter of the
on it. The purpose of this, according to a Rowntree's spokesperson in the 1980s, was for them to be useful as a teaching aid to encourage young children to recognise the letters. Over the last 25 years, Nestl and Rowntree's have manufactured five billion Smarties lids.

Some lids are very rare and are now regarded as collectors' items. In February 2005, the Smarties tube was replaced with a hexagonal design. The rationale behind changing the design was, according to Nestl, to make the brand "fresh and appealing" to youngsters; the new packaging is also lighter and more compact, and the lid (which is now a hinged piece of cardboard) has a card clip which holds the lid shut when it is folded over. The new lid still features a letter like the old plastic lids, but it is in the form of a "what [letter] is a [thing]? " question, the answer for which can be read when the lid is open, next to the hole giving access to the rest of the tube.

The hexagonal box is made of one piece of card which is diecut then folded and glued. The hexagon can also be stacked in many layers without the pile collapsing, which is an advantage at the point of sale. The last 100 tubes to leave the factory in had a certificate inside them. Smarties are no longer manufactured in York; in October 2007, production was moved to Germany, where a third of them were already made.

Outside Europe, Nestl's largest production facility for Smarties is in, where Nestl has been manufacturing products since 1918. Canadian-made Smarties have a noticeably thicker shell than their European variants. In 1998, Nestle obtained a trademark for a tubular Smarties package. It later sued Master Foods in Denmark, which was marketing in a similar package. The ruled that a basic geometrical shape could not be trademarked and ordered the trademark to be removed from the trademark register. Oh yes - I used to love the coffee flavoured ones, In fact I love all coffee flavoured sweets.

There's another thing - what is happening to coffee creams in chocolates? They're disappearing! There used to be coffee creams in all boxes of chocolates and now they seem to have taken them out. They are my special favourites. Even Quality Street haven't got coffee cremes now! (or that gorgeous gooseberry creme they used to have! ) There's still some in Revels (and orange cremes too) but it's getting harder and harder to find them. However - for all you coffee lovers there is Good News! Kitkat have just bought out a special edition - Capuccino Kitkat - Yay!!!

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