why do online shops store your details

Nearly everything available on the highstreet or in shopping centres can also be found online. For example, supermarkets offer home delivery of goods ordered through their
website a web page or group of web pages hosted on one web server and viewed in a web browser. digital data measured at discrete intervals, eg a digital watch typically moves from displaying one second to the next without displaying the values in-between download the transfer of a file or files from one computer connected to the Internet to another are now common too.

Items previously sold on physical media ( Compact Disc (CD) used to store data, eg music CD, Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) used to store data, eg a movie, books) can instead be downloaded directly to a customer's computer or handheld device. email electronic mail - a message written or typed on a computer and sent electronically rather than by post Convenience Internet connection a computer's or another internet-enabled device's connection to the Internet any time while avoiding the need to travel, pay for parking, queue in-store etc.

Greater variety - more shops online than any highstreet or shopping centre. Cheaper goods - increased competition between retailers (for some on a global scale) brings down prices. Accessibility - those with a disability that limits their mobility can choose to have goods delivered. Comparability - using the Internet it's easy to research products or services very thoroughly, comparing prices and product details in order to get the best deal.

Internet a global network connecting millions of computers concerns over what information retailers are storing about customers, eg buying habits Shopping Online: You have the convenience of having all of the  things you need\want on the computer and you don't really have to  go anywhere. It is going t o take a few days to arrive to your  house, but I guess it could be worth it if you are trying to save  gas or just don't want to leave your house.   Shopping At The Store: You have to have some sort of transportation  to get to the store, and you might have to wait in a long line, but  sometimes you can get a short line, depending on what store you  want to go to.

For my opinion, shopping online could be good, but  if it is for something you REALLY need and cannot wait for, I  suggest you go to the store and get it because shopping online can  take even a full week to get you the thing(s) you need.    I hope this answer was helpful!!   _фшбъЧ ШчЪбъц сбшд_Чч ЧъцЪбцЪъ Яб ЧъбЧц gloriastore. ir

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