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why do onions make you cry yahoo

I always used to cry when I was cutting onions. I felt bad for them. haha
seriously, I would have to cut them in a colander under cold running water. I always used to cry when I was cutting onions. I felt bad for them. haha seriously, I would have to cut them in a colander under cold running water (It s kind of dangerous, almost lost a finger that way) and I d still wind up having to leave the room after about every half an onion or so in order to stop crying from the fumes. then I hardened my heart, stopped feeling bad for them, and got contact lenses. the lenses must keep the fumes from getting to whatever part of my eye they were affecting, because now they don t bother me at all!! anybody else have that experience with contacts?

They are awesome. wow, is this a rambling question-blog or what. lol Getty Images You havenвt had a bad day and you arenвt feeling particularly emotional but something about chopping onions at your kitchen counter makes you tear up. While not everyone cries to the same degree when cutting their onions, the cause of this veggie prep sensation can be directly attributed to science.

Coventry University Senior Lecturer Duane Mellor has discovered that sulphuric acid forms in our eyes as a response to a chemical the onion releases. ALSO SEE: Sulphuric acid is dangerous but because the the chemical is so minimal it only affects the eyes, causing them to tear up. He explained to that onions produce propanthial s-oxide, a chemical that is used to ward off pests.

This volatile chemical is released when the skin of the onion is broken, evaporating and dissolving into the surface of our eyes. The chemical reaction produces a small amount of sulphuric acid, causing the eyes to tear up. Mellor also discovered that not all onions are the same, with some making us cry more than others. According to his study, it depends on the soil. The pungency of an onion can be directly related to the soil it was planted in. If the soil had a higher amount of sulphur, the onion is more likely to make you cry.

Sweeter onions are less likely to make you cry because they donвt have the compounds that produce propanthial s-oxide to irritate the tear ducts. The same goes for garlic. ALSO SEE: While itвs nearly impossible to avoid tearing up when chopping onions, there are a few tricks of the trade, such as: Mellorвs research just goes to show that onions really are nothing to cry about. Let us know what you think by commenting below and tweeting @ Follow us on and.

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