why do premature babies have big heads

Mel, the study you re participating in sounds fascinating Ohhh, things like tht make me wish we lived in Australia again. Finn has a premmie head (his paed s notes call it a scaphocephalic head shape relating to his premturity ), but I don t see any negativity in that at all. As PP said, he was regularly turned and we used the peanut pillows religiously, which I ve no doubt helped, but I ve always thought it must be hard to escape when they re born with a 28. 5cm circ. head
I ve just always rationalised that a fulltermer gets to grow their head lot larger in utero (in a nice liquid suspension) so are nicely rounded up until a good 35cm.

I remember Finn s little head being like perfectly round apple cradled in my hand when I first saw him and hour or so after he was born, but having to do all that growing on the outside I m not surprised that the signature premmie shape developed. I do agree that it is becoming less prominent as he grows up. I see it as a badge of honour - how much of his growing was done on the outside etc. I remember when he was not long out of hospital (so still smaller than the average newborn), being in the queue at the local MBF (as you do after a hospital stay ) and the middle-aged woman behind us asked very gently, Do you mind if I ask at what gestation he was born?

We got to chatting, she herself had a prem many years previously, we had a lovely talk. I was astonished that she had instinctively known he was prem, she was the first person apart from the medical staff who talked to me about the premmie head. I didn t mind at all. I actually like the thought that through subtle things like that fellow Mums of prems can recognise each other Edited by Tal, 07 February 2007 - 10:43 AM. My little guy has a big head too. He was born at 3lbs 10 oz 17 inches and head circumference of 13 inches.

Now at 6 1/2 months he's 16 lbs 27 inches long and an 18 inch head. I saw the biggest growth at 2 months then again at 4 months he grew about and inch and a half each time. His head has been in the 90 percentiles for 2 1/2 months now. He's fine. Drs haven't been concerned and we just had our 6 month well vist last week. He's now 30% fore weight and 38% for height and 95% for head. My head is small. And hubby is normal. But we are both talk. So little boy will be too. I think preemies heads grow a bit faster then there body. At first. I know one of the nurses told me this. im sure baby is fine. Keep us updated

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