why is a glove box called a glove box

I m no etymologist, but I ve always been intrigued by the origin of words в especially as it applies to cars. There are, after all, a number of terms that we use every day in our industry that make no sense at all. That is, of course, until you understand where they come from. To satisfy my own curiosity, as well as to give everyone some fun facts to share with customers,ВI ll be doing a little bit of research on the origin of industry terms and posting my findings here from time to time. To start off, let s take a look at where the terms glove box and jockey box come from. Of course, I m referring to that large lockable compartment automakers build into the dashboard. But the terms used to describe it are odd. After all, neither gloves nor jockeys have anything to do with driving a car. So where did the terms come from? Popular education website
eHow. com In the early days of the automobile the use of gloves was considered essential, not only as a style statement for the discriminating, often wealthy driver wearing a pair of white, gauntlet gloves, but also for utility reasons to keep the hands warm.

Many earlyВ automobilesВ didn t come with heaters, and driver and occupants were forced to dawn heavy gloves to protect their hands. [ ] Many early vehicles did not have enclosed cabs and driving to church with the family on those cold Sunday mornings required everyone to wear a pair of gloves. It just makes sense to keep the gloves in a special compartment in the car so they would always be handy. In England, and in certain areas of the northwest United States, glove boxes are still referred to as jockey boxes. The World Detective website is one of few that offers a plausible explanation for this term. A jockey, of course, is a person who works with horses, and according to this site, the term jockey carried over to include one who works on horseless carriages. A bit of a stretch, possibly, but it s the only explanation available. [ So there you have it. The next time a customer asks you to take a look at a glove box s broken lock or peeling trim, you can drop a little knowledge that s sure to impress. Added on May 9, 2017 , Car History Lesson: What s the Purpose of the Glove Box?

There are many aspects and features of cars that we take for granted, but if you think about them, we don t always know where they came from. Consider the glove box. Also called the glove compartment or glovie, this small storage nook is located under the dashboard by the front passenger. These days, it s simply the owner s manual, tissues, pens, electronic cables, and sunglasses. No one stuffs their puffy winter in that narrow cubbyhole. So why is it called a glove box and what was its original purpose? More Car Information: Not to be confused with the Pused for handling items in a controlled environment, a glove box is embedded over the front passenger s footwell. PAs the name suggests, these lockable compartments were often used for drivers and passengers to store their gloves decades ago. While gloves are not essential these days when operating a vehicle, they used to be far more so both for functional and fashionable purposes. In vehicles with open cabins, fast-moving air could numb or chafe a driver s hands.

For many years, vehicles did not have heating systems to keep drivers hands warm. Many early /clutches/cranks were not comfortable or easy to grip and thus required gloves to operate. In olden days, gloves were part of popular fashion, especially when operating a vehicle (some drivers still use them in luxury performance vehicles). Gloves needed to be worn at certain venues, so it was helpful to have them stored within the car for availability. So, if gloves are no longer necessary, why do vehicles still feature glove compartments? Originally, when the compartment was invented, it wasn t intended just for gloves; it was a storage recess within the dashboard of. While it became synonymous with stashing gloves, it was always and continues to be broadly used for item storage. That s why many glove compartments over the years have featured locks, keeping valuables away from Pand passersby. ThePglove box (sometimes all one word) also goes by the terms cubby-hole, glove-tail, and jockey box in different areas of the world. It s the End of the Road: Sources:,

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